Nigerian Firm X3M Ideas Expands To East Africa With Operations In Kenya

Nigerian Firm X3M Ideas Expands To East Africa With Operations In Kenya

Nigerian creative agency, X3M Ideas is set to expand into the East African market through new operations in Kenya.

With a 6.8 per cent growth in Kenya’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of this year, the East African giant has seen a recovery in its transport, food and service sectors. Kenya’s economy has rebounded strongly post-Covid with 2021’s numbers placing GDP growth at 7.5 per cent- the fastest pace in 11 years.

X3M Ideas expects to dominate Kenya and other new markets across the globe through its implementation of unique tools and ideas. This has it seeks to provide solutions to the challenges bedevilling the advertising industry within and outside the African continent.

The creative agency has set its sights on utilising its unique operation models to achieve even more growth by 2023.

Founder, Steve Babaeko says that is no longer possible to ignore the growth potential in Africa.

Nigerian Firm X3M Ideas Expands To East Africa With Operations In Kenya
Steve Babaeko – Founder

“With the growing number of African businesses across the continent surging above 10% in recent years, it is important to capitalise on the shift in attention to boost revenues for individual and collective development on the continent.

With this expansion, we are poised to help an exponentially greater number of people and clients across different spheres of the world understand the uniqueness of Africa and also provide solutions to the challenges that may hinder business growth in its deeply fragmented markets.

Babaeko adds that the agency currently operating out of Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia, will begin operating in Kenya Congo Brazzaville and Dubai this year.

The creative agency has also laid out plans to expand into the United Kingdom and United States markets in the coming months.

Until 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted many industries across the world, there has been a steady increase in spending on advertising globally.

The advertising market witnessed a resurgence in 2021, with growth expected to surpass one trillion U.S. dollars in 2026. Although the Middle East and Africa as well as Central and Eastern Europe spend the least, they can boast the highest growth, according to projections.

In its 10-year history of redefining how advertising is done in Africa, X3M Ideas has hired over 200 staff, while recording 16% YOY growth since 2017.

The new expansions into the Middle East and Africa will further position the agency for accelerated growth as it aims to foster more partnership, collaboration and investment opportunities with access to a new pool of potential employees, clients, and markets.

Over the years, the agency’s through-the-line business approach has positioned it as a frontrunner in helping clients and partners in different markets understand, develop, and maximise new perspectives to boost customer relations necessary for sustainable growth.

With a renewed focus on dominating new markets across the globe, Babaeko says X3M Ideas is committed to consolidating its growth and achievements and becoming a top 10 global creative solution provider by 2025.