Online Casino Payouts: Everything You Need to Know

Online Casino Payouts - Everything You Need to Know

Online casinos are all made simple enough to get you into the fun and thrilling world of gambling. Once you are in, it is quite manageable to deposit your money and start betting.

After you finish a game, it is time for the payout process.  Regardless of the sum, you have won, be it a few dollars or the big jackpot – you need to know what comes next and how to get your payout balance. Here is everything you need to know.

Why Payouts Matter?

Online casino games are fun and exciting, but there are no doubts that gamblers play to win. As big as they possibly can. Then the thrill is even bigger. After the big win, your money will be transferred to your bankroll in the nick of time. But the process doesn’t end there. There are a few things you need to know and do to get your money right in your pocket.

Granted, online casinos do try to get all this sorted out as quickly as possible, but there is still a procedure that needs to be completed before you can touch the money for real. One way to ensure a transparent payout is to play at trustworthy casinos only. These include Rizk, Casumo Casino, Winorama, and others that you need to read reviews about and then decide whether they are worth your trust.

Play and Get Payout in Your Country’s Currency

One of the benefits of playing at an online casino is the notion that you become a global citizen of some sort. These games are available worldwide, and there are players from around the globe. Most casinos allow players to choose the currency they want to bet with. It is strongly recommended that you go for your native currency.

Here is why this is such a smart idea. If you do choose this option, you will save a ton of money on exchange rate fluctuations and conversion fees. You don’t want to lose a significant part of your winning sum on unnecessary extra charges. Additionally, once you play with your native currency, you will have a real feel of how much you have lost or won while playing.

How Do Casino Games Work?

It is vital to know that when you engage in a game, the outcome is entirely random. Regardless of the game you prefer – it comes down to luck and one more thing – RNG. The cards’ shuffle method, the dice roll, and the spin of the roulette wheel are all simulated by RNGs – an acronym for Random Number Generators. RNGs are actually advanced tech algorithms that make sure each and every player has a fair chance of winning. That is one of the beauties of these games – statistically speaking, anything is possible.

RTP and Payout Percentages Explained

This is not supposed to be hard to understand. Payout percentages are a scale that shows you how much you can expect to win on average. Payout percentages are also known as Return to Player (RTP) percentages – the percent of the money you’ve bet that would be paid out as winnings.

For instance, if an online casino game has an RTP of 97% – the casino will make a payout of 97 dollars for every 100 dollars bet (on average). What matters most is to be aware that this percentage is measured over time, and it is not only your time that is taken into consideration. Sometimes it takes up to 10,000 games to get to the RTP percentage that is advertised.

In order to stay properly informed you need to do some research on the casino of your choice, their payout options, their RTP percentages, and don’t forget to read user reviews as well. Once you go through it all, you will have a much clearer idea of what comes next.

Common Online Casino Payout Percentages

  • Aces and Faces Video Poker 99.26%
  • American Roulette 94.74%
  • European Roulette 97.30%
  • French Roulette 98.65%
  • Baccarat 98.99%
  • Blackjack 99.54%
  • Craps 98.64%
  • Game of Thrones Slots 94.86%
  • Jacks or Better Video Poker 99.54%/li>
  • Jurassic Park Slots 96.67%
  • Mega Moolah Slots 88.12%
  • Sic Bo 97.22%
  • Three Card Poker 98.24%

Comparison of Banking Methods

Most online casinos provide players with several different deposit methods for them to choose from. You can get your money into a game by using different debit cards, credit cards, prepaid vouchers, electronic wallets, or other bank transfer services. And you can use those same methods when you need to withdraw your winnings too. Let’s say you use a credit card for your deposit – you will need to use the same method when you want to take a payout. This is the case with most online casinos out there.

You may wonder which type of deposit and payout method returns the money the fastest. Well, if you decide to use an electronic wallet when you cash out your winnings – chances are you are going to get your money quite fast – in a matter of minutes, that is. And if you use a card – you will wait until your credit card company approves the transfer. It is up to them at that point.

Explaining Online Casino Bonuses in More Details

Most gamblers who prefer to try out their luck in an online casino know all about the bonus options they encounter. There are registration bonuses, and some that even offer to double your deposit amount. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Especially when you have the chance to take that money and turn it into even more. But, you need to be correctly informed about what bonuses really mean for your game and your payout options.

Most bonus rewards come with terms and conditions that you need to read before you accept the offer. More often than not, these terms and conditions require that you satisfy some wagering or that you need to play a few hands before you can think about the payout. Here is an example. There are many online casinos that give out bonuses only if you agree to bet ten times the bonus amount before the payout. Inform yourself well before you take that leap.