Popular Crypto Personalities on Social Media You Need to Follow

Popular Crypto Personalities on Social Media You Need to Follow

Nowadays, social media is perhaps the best way to promote anything, and anything can be the talk of the town. A lot of topics can be instantly trending, especially when social media influencers mention a particular topic; their followers usually catch on and add noise about the topic.

For the past few years, cryptocurrency and anything related to it like NFT’s, trading techniques, and cryptocurrency platforms have been trending or being talked about on different social media platforms.

There had been communities formed to get the latest updates and to talk with individuals with the same interest. Social media personalities also play a big role in starting a new trend or even just bringing out new topics. In fact, social media and the personalities in it can make or break any cryptocurrency market.

There had been instances where a single tweet could move a cryptocurrency value up or down by almost 20%.

Websites like Yuan Pay Group can provide you with the latest trends and news updates on the cryptocurrency market. Yet here are some crypto personalities you might consider following for the latest updates and trends on the market.

  • Elon Musk

A CEO of multiple companies, including an electric car company who is also a rocket scientist, Elon is also popular on Twitter who has more than $68 million followers on his account.

Last year Elon made multiple price swings for Dogecoin, which started when he jokingly tweeted his support for Dogecoin. Elon satirically tweeted about Dogecoin as the future currency of the world, which his followers hyped up. Although later on, his support for Dogecoin became legit, which he also collaborates with the developers of Dogecoin.

Elon also made huge news when he announced that you could purchase one of his electric cars with Bitcoin. On the other news, he also announced that he only has Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin in his cryptocurrency profile which moved numbers. Elon definitely made cryptocurrency not a boring space for most of us, and it is definitely worth following him for the latest crypto jokes, which can actually cause price swings.

  • Vitalik Buterin

The co-founder of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms, Ethereum, he is one of the developers who provided technology for Ethereum, which runs most of the non-fungible token transactions as of now.

Buterin being one of the co-founders of Ethereum makes him the youngest crypto billionaire. Buterin is also very active on his Twitter account, in which he has 3 million followers. Buterin shares a lot of reviews, updates, and anything related to blockchain and crypto. It is worth following Buterin to have a reliable source of the latest updates in crypto.

  • Jack Dorsey


Jack is the head of the social media platform Twitter, which is also one of the most passionate speakers of cryptocurrency. Dorsey, having six million followers on his account, is considered one of the most influential in the cryptocurrency market.

He recently had comments about Web3 being owned by venture capitalists, which caused a negative impact for some, but his optimistic tweets about Bitcoin are always a good read. This proves that even if you are one of the most influential people in the cryptocurrency market, you can still stir a hornet’s nest from time to time. 

  • Altcoin Sara

In cryptocurrency, we love diversity. That is why Altcoin Sara is one of the best crypto personalities on social media. Her cryptocurrency content on her youtube channel Altcoin Buzz is highly anticipated by her followers and crypto enthusiast she is famous for her cryptocurrency market analysis and her cryptocurrency headlines content.

She also shares most of her insights on her Twitter account. For more news and information about cryptocurrency, you may visit Yuan Pay Group’s website. 

  • Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas’ content is perfect for beginners, as learning everything with cryptocurrency is more important than following trends in the market. Andreas can definitely educate you on the basics and even the nuances of the cryptocurrency market.

It is worth mentioning that Andreas is a tech entrepreneur, bestselling author of multiple cryptocurrency-related publications and a blockchain expert. He is also now teaching topics from DeFi, NFT’s, and anything related to cryptocurrency. Be one of his followers and learn more about trading tips.