PortableVoices launched to produce and distribute pan-African audiobooks

PortableVoices launched to produce and distribute pan-African audiobooks

PortableVoices, a Kenyan audio production startup has partnered with East African Educational Publishers (EAEP) to produce and distribute pan-African audiobooks.

The new partnership comes as the company prepares to launch its new audiobook subscription service for users across Africa.

Under this agreement, PortableVoices will work with East African Educational Publishers to produce and distribute audiobooks from EAEP’s portfolio.

PortableVoices is set to launch PortableVoices Premium, a subscription-based audiobooks service. Subscribers will get 1 credit per month that they can use to listen to any audiobook in the premium catalogue despite the price of the book.

Premium members will also enjoy exclusive deals and up to 30 per cent discount on extra audiobooks they purchase when their credits run out.

‘‘We’re excited about this new partnership with East African Educational Publishers. We have been working hard to create the new audiobooks services set to launch soon that will enable subscribers to enjoy a wide variety of high-quality pan-African audiobooks among other audio entertainment. ” Allan Niongira, Portable Voices Founder said.

”East African Educational Publishers is happy to partner with Portable Voices (PV) who will convert EAEP’s books into audio format. EAEP is excited to avail its well-known titles in audio format which will appeal to a wider audience. They will be available on the PortableVoices website for your enjoyment,” Sharon Banda the Operations Director at East African Educational Publishers said on her part.

PortableVoices has been enabling publishers and creatives to produce high-quality audio content since it opened its first podcast and audiobook production studio in Nairobi in 2018.

With the launch of this new service, publishers, authors and other audio content creators will now be able to reach listeners across the African continent and the world and monetize their content through royalties.

EAEP is a leading publisher in East Africa with a 54-year success track record of providing relevant and quality products for schools, universities and the general market.

They have gained an excellent reputation of being one of the most versatile publishers with over 2,000 titles that cater for the educational, cultural, leisure and aesthetic needs of Eastern, Central and Southern regions of Africa.