Regional fintech Innovators benefit from Global Conference

Global consulting firm, BFA in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, have launched a two-day event in Ghana dubbed ‘Africa Fintech Unconference 2017’ which seeks bring together Fintech Innovators thought leaders, banks and other established financial players in the emerging Fintech sector to enable Fintech companies to engage in smarter pan-African partnerships.

‘We are looking to the growing fintech market in Ghana as a complement and counterpart to the East Africa Fintech sector, by cultivating, comparing and connecting what is happening in the West and East regional markets.

Fintech companies across the continent, including those based in Kenya, are also turning to Ghana as an attractive market to expand into, for which bringing the Unconference to Ghana, was compelling and exciting,” Amolo Ng’weno, East Africa Regional Director at BFA.

Key players in the summit were Catalyst Fund and Nomanini (South African payments platform).

Kenyan firms present were Lendable, PayGo Energy, Umati Capital, Interpay, Musoni, Sokowatch, Farmdrive and Rafode Ltd.

The event seeks to drive the agenda and focus on the issues most important to them. Some of the key takeaways about developing strong partnerships from the different sessions include; financial inclusion, strengthen partnerships with established players, understanding and defining clear goals, fostering trust and transparency as well as structuring fair upside for each partner.