Safaricom’s Zuri AI chatbot is now available on WhatsApp

Safaricom users can now be able to interact with Zuri AI Chatbot assistant on Whatsapp which will be able to automate customer service.

Zuri enables over 20 million Safaricom mobile data users to perform a wide range of tasks like manage subscription services.

The Chatbot allows users to view subscriptions and unsubscribing from chargeable SMS services as well as managing marketing messages

Other queries that Zuri can handle include, PUK retrieval, M-PESA reversals, buying bundles, accessing usage statements, airtime top-up and checking M-PESA and airtime balances.

“We continue to use data analytics and insights to innovate and invest in relevant customer care self-help options with a view of being more responsive and anticipatory in our customer engagements. Zuri is constantly evolving and learning from the interactions it has with customers to provide accurate responses”, said Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom.

Zuri Chatbot also contains a Safaricom Home where customers can view their Fibre account details.

How to use Safaricom Zuri Whatsapp Bot

  1. Customers will first need to save Safaricom’s customer care mobile number 0722000100 on their phone
  2. Open Whatsapp and refresh your contact list
  3. Open a chat with Zuri using the above-saved phone number.
  4. You can initiate a conversation with the Safaricom chatbot and it will respond immediately.
  5. You will be provided with several options for the services that you can access
  6. Follow the prompts from the bot.