SharePoint Group Calendar Benefits in eCommerce

SharePoint Group Calendar Benefits in eCommerce

Microsoft has already provided numerous applications and platforms that support ecommerce and other businesses in many ways. They have numerous benefits, which is why any online business should adopt an ASP.NET ecommerce platform.

SharePoint group calendar, for instance, is a solution that allows teams in ecommerce to manage events, schedule events and tasks, and meet other planning needs of the business. We will focus on the benefits of the Office 365 group calendar, and before then, it is worth knowing how to create an Office 365 group calendar.

You will most likely be doing it on a SharePoint account but you can sync it with Outlook as well. Creating and sharing the calendar with team members so that everyone can see booked events is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow easy steps on your SharePoint account.

That said, let us focus on the benefits of using a SharePoint group calendar for your teams.

Create Access for Teams

Whether the teams are working remotely or in the same location, there is exclusive access to the SharePoint group calendar once it is shared. This means that everyone can see the tasks, schedules, and events and plan to take the necessary actions.

Team members do not have to wait for emails with information on events and tasks because they can see them as soon as they are booked in the calendar group in Office 365. This enhances the operations by avoiding time wastage.

Collaborate Appropriately

Collaboration in a business occurs at different levels. While creating a SharePoint group calendar, you will need to give permission to different team members appropriately. Although everyone can see the calendar, not everyone can edit, add, delete, or perform other tasks.

The permissions help teams to collaborate at different levels. For instance, the team manager can edit the calendars created by anyone else on the team because they have a higher authority.

Manages Tasks Smoothly

The major role of teams is to fulfil certain tasks. For instance, an ecommerce business requires order processing, delivery, and product creation. For all these to run smoothly, there is a need for an app to manage the tasks. With a SharePoint group calendar, teams can create tasks, assign them to relevant members, and track processes.

The shared calendar shows everyone how each task is doing and who is in charge of it. This also ensures that operations are running smoothly and that no one misses out on important task actions.

Integration with Outlook

SharePoint group calendar can be integrated with Outlook for added features and ease of working. Once you create the SharePoint shared calendar and share it with teams, they can add it to Outlook for easy viewing. Those with events booked on Outlook can also sync them with SharePoint so that other team members can access them.


Clearly, there are many benefits of using a SharePoint shared calendar. They are all for the sake of working smoothly, especially with tasks and events. If you have not adopted this in your business, it is important that you do.