Strategies for Dominating Local Search in the UK

Strategies for Dominating Local Search in the UK

Local SEO ensures visibility on local search engine results and allows businesses to reach audiences in a specific geographic location.

It is a highly effective strategy in a digitised economy like the UK, where up to 85% of consumers research businesses online to find the best products and services.

Targeting customers in specific regions is also beneficial for local businesses because the UK is highly diverse, and each has nuances that they must understand to attract customers in those locations.

Dominating local SEO and search results requires thoughtful planning and following strategies that have been shown to work for businesses like yours.

Complete Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is a free tool from Google that lets businesses manage and optimise their Business profile on Google.

The main benefit of completing your profile is that your business appears on Maps when users conduct a local search. For this reason, it has become an indispensable tool for businesses that want to appear on local search results.

Businesses can hire a Bristol SEO company to help them complete their profiles, with the company ensuring the profile contains the correct business name, location, category, opening hours and other information.

Once complete, users can find all the information they need about the business, add photographs, leave reviews and ask questions, all of which can help more people trust and engage with your business. You can also answer questions below user questions to provide a better user experience for potential and current customers.

Do Thorough Local Keyword Research

Keywords are crucial for general SEO but are indispensable in local SEO. Remember that people use specific terms to search for businesses, like “plumber near me” or “plumber in Bristol”, to find the businesses and services they need.

You need to understand what main, secondary and long-tail keywords people use in their local searches so you can optimise your SEO with them in mind.

A small business SEO company can do the research for you and incorporate it into your content and on other platforms to dominate local search. Be sure to hire an SEO company that understands the areas and users you want to target to ensure they find the best and most fitting keywords.

Use Local Citations to Improve Visibility

A local citation is the mention of a local business online. The best ones include the business name, phone number and address. You can add or find these local citations on relevant websites and directories such as Yell, Manta Media and Yellow Pages. However, you can also create local citations on web apps, social media and blogs.

Once an SEO company UK has helped you complete your Google My Business profile, you can ask them to submit the same details online to increase local relevancy and ensure people can find your business.

Dominating local SEO Bristol requires using various strategies and completing steps that increase relevancy and make it easier for people to find you or your business. Even when you complete these steps, do not forget to optimise your website for mobile users because they make up the vast majority of online searches in the UK.