South Africa’s delayed 4G, 5G rollout, but telcos must be ready for future 5G deployment

With ever-increasing capacity requirements and the complexity of the 5G network, operators need to invest in the development of their networks now to ensure they can withstand the capacity upsurge expected in the future, warns Anthony Clarkson, Technical Director at ProLabs, a provider of optical network infrastructure. 5G is expected to bring extraordinary transformation, benefitting entire […]
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Introduction to 5G

An Introduction to 5G; Possibilities and Challenges

By Colin Asher A small grouping of characters hasn’t been as hyped since maybe Y2K. Well if Y2K was the millennium’s heralded end of all working technology, then the confusion engendered by 5G is quite the opposite: a frenzy over all the unborn hopes of technology to be. Connectivity between self-driving cars? Remote robot surgeries? […]
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