The inspiring sport of sitting volleyball

The inspiring sport of sitting volleyball

Imagine the regular sport of volleyball. A fast bet Kenya from 1xBet can also be made on many matches of this sport too. Now, imagine the exact same sport but being played while sitting down.

That’s basically sitting volleyball. It’s designed for athletes with physical impairments, but it’s just as intense and fun as the stand-up version.

Of course, there are some major differences with the regular version. Such as:

  • the net is lower, with it being 1.15 meters tall for the male version and 1.05 meters tall for the female version;
  • the court is also smaller, measuring 10 by 6 meters;
  • also, the game tends to be more fast paced, meaning that players must be really quick.

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Beginnings of the sport

This game started in the Netherlands back in the 50s. It was meant to help injured soldiers after World War II, but people loved it so much that by 1980, it was part of the Paralympic Games. And since then, it’s been a big deal at the Paralympics. Make the 1xBet download Android application procedure today, which you can also use to wager on Paralympic sports too.

There are approximately 10,000 players playing sitting volleyball around the world. That’s a lot of people enjoying this awesome sport, and the number just keeps growing.

The athletes in this game are absolute champions. The Android application of 1xBet can be downloaded now if you want to wager on them too.

They have amazing upper body strength, and their game strategies are mind-blowing. In sitting volleyball, you have to keep your bum on the ground at all times when you play. While this might sound tricky, these players make it look easy, darting around and hitting the ball like pros.

A sport for everyone

One of the best things about this sport is that it’s for everyone. Sports wagers are also for everyone, and at all fans can discover a football wager that will fit them quite nicely.

Men and women can play together, though usually, at the big tournaments, teams stick to one gender. And when it comes to the Paralympics, the competition is fierce.

Take the Iranian men’s team, for example. They’re like the superstars of sitting volleyball, getting gold medals in almost any tournament where they participate. At 1xBet you can always place wagers on them too.

This sport totally flips the script on what we think about disability. It’s all about what you can do, not what you can’t. These athletes show that being physically limited doesn’t mean you can’t rock at sports. It’s a massive shout-out to resilience, determination, and just loving the game.


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