Top 10 Online Work you can do at home and earn over 20,000/- a month

Top 10 Online Work you can do at home and earn over 20,000 a month

The Covid-19 Pandemic has accelerated the online digital space by opening new avenues for people to work remotely and earn.

Anyone can make at last Kes. 20,000 in a month through income streams from online work, we have listed some of the top 10 online jobs in Kenya you can do at home.

1. Blogging

Blogging entails choosing a topic of your liking, establishing a website then populating the website with the content on the topic of your choice. You need to find a hosting service for your site and add appropriate content to the topic you’ve chosen.

You’ll realize that there are many other websites already offering the content you’re offering. However, the trick is to provide the best quality information from a unique perspective. By that, it means finding solutions to people’s problems in simple words and directly.

Google seeks to find the highest quality information on a topic then ranks you according to your performance. If your site answers the customers’ questions directly, you’ll rank better. Better ranking leads to more visitors to your site.

With the right number of visitors to your site, you can then convert that to money through two main methods which are advertising and affiliate marketing.

With advertising, online businesses will be paying to have space on your site to advertise their products and services. Affiliate marketing involves a deal with online retailers such as Amazon who then give you a commission on items bought on their online stores but through your site. Both of these methods are lucrative and can be done at the same time.

With blogging, the secret is putting on your site timely and quality content. Your first goal should be getting visitors to your site and that can only be guaranteed with quality content.

2. V-logging

Vlogging refers to blogging but mainly using videos rather than words as in blogging. For this online job, video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others will be used.

Compared to blogging, vlogging (video blogging) requires more work to be done on your part. This process starts with choosing a topic. Unlike blogs where you can read about something and pass on the knowledge, vlogging heavily relies on a topic you’re interested in, and one you can talk about confidently and in a fun way to others.

You then have to watch other people’s vlogs to learn how to do yours the best way possible. This will also introduce you to new topics and what the audience expects from you. Some vloggers have millions of views for each video they make simply because they know what their audiences want.

You also need to know how to shoot your videos and edit them properly. There is a great software for that but your skills will also contribute to how good your videos will look.

When your videos are good enough and you’ve gathered an audience, you’ll easily monetize it through merchants, advertisers and sponsors. Like blogging, the amount of money you’ll make from vlogging depends on how good your videos are and the size of your audience.

3. Social Media Influencing

Social media influencing refers to using people with a considerably large social following to affect their audiences in certain ways. These influencers are people with wide social networks such as having many followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

Social media influencing borrows a lot from blogging and vlogging as it also depends on how good your content is to your audience. The main difference with the other forms of making money online is that you can have social influence for being a celebrity or famous in some way.

The other major difference is that social media influencing is targeted to specific people and achieved by collaborating with the advertiser before the actual influence. If, for example, you’re working on influencing a given audience towards buying a certain item, you’ll need to make it natural in your blog. This means that you don’t present the product like a normal advert but as a necessary part of life to your audience.

As long as you have a large enough audience, you’ll get money with this method in many ways.

4. Academic Writing

When one talks about online work in Kenya, writing is the first thing that comes to mind. A large part of this writing is the academic type. What occurs is that students from both local and international learning institutions send their homework and term papers to be done by others at a fee. On a good month during the high season, writers can make as much as KSh 100,000 or more.

To be among the top-earning academic writers, you’ll need to learn a few things among them the academic referencing styles. The main ones are APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, and Chicago. These styles have their unique characteristics in the way the information is presented and mastering them is your primary goal as an academic writer.

After that, you’ll need to learn how to present information properly. Keep in mind that there’s a professor or other expert who’ll go through your work afterwards. The better you present the information, the better your client scores and the higher the earnings.

5. Content/Article Writing

Closely related to academic writing is article or content writing. For this type of online work, the target audience isn’t academics but people seeking information on websites and other online platforms.

Unlike academic writing, article writing is less structured and thus affords more freedom in the way you express yourself to your target audience. You also get to write in a different voice to make the information less formal to the audience.

With hundreds of thousands of websites coming up each day, article writing is fast becoming the way of earning a living for a large number of writers in Kenya and beyond. You only need to find the right clients and provide quality work to make it in this job.

6. Online Trading

While ‘online trading’ can refer to many different forms of online transactions, in this article, the focus is on trading currencies and commodities through a broker. With this form of trading, you need a computer, a funded account with a broker and trading knowledge to make a living.

One such category of trading is foreign exchange (forex) trading. With forex, the aim is to earn from predicting the relative strengths of currencies to one another. For example, you can trade the American dollar to the euro or British pound. You can also trade commodities such as oil, coffee, gold, silver, and others using the same strategies.

While it looks simple on the surface, online trading requires rigorous training and a mastery of one’s emotions and trading strategies to earn a living from it. Luckily, there are many proven traders who are willing to accept students under them.

7. Online Betting

A while back, if you’d told someone that you earn a living from betting they’d likely laugh at you for hours on end. Today, however, a lot of Kenyans can attribute their large fortunes to betting majorly on sports through their mobile phones.

According to a report by PWC, the Kenyan gambling industry is worth more than $20 million and is set to be more than $50 by the year 2020. That’s a lot of money for an industry that only picked up the pace a few years ago.

Making a living from betting requires some experience with sports and mostly luck on your side. With people making as much as KSh 200 million from a single bet, your chances of getting a better life from betting alone is high.

You should be aware of the fact that betting is not a guaranteed form of income since more people get losses compared to those who make money from it.

8. Web Design

Web design refers to the creation of the look of a website in terms of user experience and appearance. When you visit a website, you tend to automatically navigate your way around the site from one page to the next. This is possible through the work of a web designer.

Web design has two phases namely the software part and the appearance part. Most designers can nowadays skip the software part given that there are many free and paid templates on web hosting services that can be tweaked around to the design you need.

However, to be the best at this, you need to learn the programming behind all this. Programming languages like Python, C+, C++, Java, and HTML. This way, you can create more functional sites that pay more than the common ones.

9. Programming

Programming is a wide field from which you can pick one specific area to focus on. You can choose desktop programming where you build programs and applications that run on desktop and laptop platforms. You can also pick the mobile platform where the apps you build will work on tablets, phones, and smartwatches.

With desktop programming, you have the choice between the main desktop operating systems namely Windows and macOS. While Linux is a widely used operating system, it doesn’t pay much to be a Linux programmer since fewer people use it compared to Windows and macOS.

For mobile platforms, you can develop apps for different purposes on either iOS or Android. In most cases, you’ll need to develop apps for both platforms for a given client.

All the programming options are lucrative and will earn you large amounts of money as long as you do a good job for your clients.

10. Data Entry

Data entry refers to the process of inputting data into a computer using devices such as mice, keyboards and joysticks. The process entails gathering data from different sources and compiling them into one usable format such as an Excel sheet or SPSS file.

Freelancers who can offer error-free and accurate data entry services are always in demand. This is best exemplified by the numerous job posts you can find on sites like Dice and Indeed. Suffice to say, one can have a lucrative and long career rendering quality data entry service to the many clients who are in perpetual need of such services.

One of the ingredients of excelling at data entry is typing speed. Most such jobs require you to type at least 50 words per minute. Others may require a minimum typing speed of up to 80 words a minute.

You also need to type with minimal errors at that speed. While you can afford a few errors that you could undo afterward, you may only have one chance at getting it right since some jobs require immediate submission of the work done.

Also, some jobs are based on dictation and you may thus spend lots of time getting back to the exact spot of the recording you need.

Most of the jobs listed here can be done together since there are some jobs such as academic and article writing you can work on at the same time. Also, you can be a general programmer for Windows, macOS and even iOS and Android. Clients can be found on various platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer.