Top Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

Top Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

Having motor insurance is mandatory. There are many insurance plans such as comprehensive car insurance and third-party car insurance.

Selecting the best motor or car insurance provider in Kenya depends on the individual’s needs and capabilities. Finding a good vehicle insurer is crucial as it gives you an easy time when you want to settle your claims.

Below we have picked for you some of the best motor insurance companies in Kenya.

  1. CIC Car Insurance

CIC commercial motor insurance is among the leading motor insurance in Kenya, designed and underwritten for trucks, lorries, private cars and other commercial vehicles.

Private Auto Insurance with CIC ensures full coverage to the insured by providing financial protection in case of road accidents or destruction due to riots, fire or theft.

CIC also has the CIC Lady Auto product, specifically designed for the lady drivers with great benefits at discounted rates like courtesy car, personal accident for the nuclear family and last expense cover.


BRITAM is one of the largest insurance companies with presence across Eastern, Southern and Central Africa. The insurer offers private car insurance for individuals and also offers PSV motor insurance.

The company is known for the simple and fast processing of insurance claims. It provides cover against accidental loss or damage of vehicle arising from theft, accident or fire and it also covers third party liabilities.

The comprehensive policy comes with 24/7 rescue and a free accident scene management service. This includes free towing within Nairobi, assistance in getting police abstracts, and filing a claim.

3. Jubilee Car Insurance

Jubilee offers one of the most flexible motor insurance packages pricing the premiums depending on the value of the car and the age of the car.

For new cars less than 5 years since the Year of Manufacture, motor insurance premium rates of as low as 3% of the value of the motor vehicle.

Jubilee provides comprehensive and third-party car insurance for private vehicles and they also have a comprehensive lady cover specifically designed for lady drivers.

4. Invesco Car Insurance

Invesco is popularly known for its aggressiveness in the PSV sector in Kenya. There are a lot of PSV vehicles in the country as it is the most used and affordable mode of transport.

It is owned by the Matatu Owners Association. The PSV sector is a risky venture that most insurance companies are not willing to invest in thus leaving Invesco with a large number of clients from the matatu industry.

5. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Company

UAP Insurance offers a wide range of products on comprehensive private vehicle insurance with optional benefits and insurance limits encompassed in 3 optional products; i.e., Gold, Silver, and Standard all depending on the premium rates you pay.

The insurance covers vehicle loss and damage from theft, fire, riots, natural disasters like floods and they also cover third party liabilities.