Twitter Launches Twitter Circle To Keep Certain Tweets Private

Twitter Launches Twitter Circle To Keep Certain Tweets Private

Twitter has launched Twitter Circle, a feature that allows you limit your tweets to a smaller audience.

The feature is similar to Instagram’s close friends which will allow users to send tweets visible to a selected number of people.

The platform started testing the feature among “select people” in May ahead of its wider rollout.

Twitter has finally made it available to all, giving users a new way to communicate with friends, family, and followers.

The intention of Twitter Circle is to create a more intimate experience and allow users to build better connections with those on Twitter.

To start a circle, users will begin to author a tweet like normal. But, instead of making the tweet public, there will be an option to send it to your Circle. You can create a Circle by inviting anyone you want on Twitter, it does not require them to follow you, and you do not have to follow them.

You can invite up to 150 people into one circle, and this is important because, as of now, each user is limited to just one Circle.

Inside the Circle, whatever you tweet will remain private which also applies to any responses or reactions that are received. Additionally, tweets inside a Circle can’t be shared or retweeted but there is the possibility that a screenshot can still be taken.

The circle being an intimate space, users in a Circle will not be able to see who has joined. This list will only be available to the creator of the Circle. Furthermore, the creator will have the ability to add and remove users at any point, and those removed will not be notified.

Unfortunately as of now, there isn’t really a great way to leave a Twitter Circle once you join.

Twitter is suggesting one of three options which are tiresome and tedious as you will have to unfollow, mute, or block the person that invited you.

Twitter Circle is already available to those using Android, iOS, and the web.

The feature will help users gain control over their privacy without making their accounts completely private. However, content shared with your Circle is still subject to the platform’s community guidelines.