How To Download YouTube Videos To View Offline

How To Download YouTube Videos To View Offline

Watching YouTube videos on your computer or mobile device is a convenient way to access a wealth of content. However, what if you want to download videos for offline viewing?

Downloading YouTube Videos on a Computer

Step 1: Find the Video

– Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to download.

Step 2: Initiate Download

– Click on the ‘Download’ button located below the video player.

Step 3: Select Resolution

– Choose a resolution for the download, up to a maximum of 720p without YouTube Premium.

Step 4: Start Download

– The video will begin downloading to your device, and the button will change to “Downloaded” upon completion.

Step 5: Alternative Download Method

– Hover over a video on the home page, click the three-dots symbol, and select “Download.”

Step 6: Customize Download Settings

– Visit YouTube’s Download Settings page to adjust download quality and enable smart downloads for recommended videos.

Downloading YouTube Videos on Mobile

Step 1: Locate the Video

– Scroll to the desired video on your YouTube mobile app’s home page.

Step 2: Initiate Download

– Tap the “…” symbol and select “Download.”

Step 3: Choose Quality

– Select a download quality and tap “Download.”

Step 4: Download in Progress

– Swipe left on the video progress bar to reveal the download option while watching a video.

Step 5: Complete the Download

– Tap “Download” to save the video for later viewing.

Step 6: Adjust Download Settings

– Access “Background & downloads” in settings to manage download preferences, including Smart Downloads and quality settings.

Watching Downloaded YouTube Videos

On a Computer

– Access your YouTube downloads feed to play downloaded videos.

On Mobile

– Tap your profile image, scroll down, and select “Downloads” to watch saved videos.


– Downloaded videos are only accessible on the device where they were saved and may expire if the device remains offline for over 30 days.

Downloading YouTube Videos for Free

– While YouTube Premium offers download features, you can explore third-party options for downloading videos.
– Ensure you have proper permissions before downloading videos from YouTube directly.
– Consider using tools like YTCutter or other YouTube downloaders for more advanced features.