Virtual Phone Number Registration and Verification

To conduct private registration in social networks, apps and websites, you can SMS receive online. In today’s digital world, this is becoming less of a whim than a necessity. Even if the user absolutely trusts some Internet resources and is confident in their security, there are still a lot of reasons why registering via SMS to virtual numbers will be beneficial.

5 Reasons to Use a Virtual Phone Number for Registration

  • Maintaining anonymity and protecting confidential data
  • Ability to create a new page on social networks in case of blocking
  • Easy opening of those websites that require registration to continue reading
  • Opportunity to separate personal and business pages in social networks
  • Verifying as a local resident on foreign web resources that are not available in one’s region

How to Complete the Verification Procedure Using a Virtual SMS Number

The OnlineSIM platform has made it as easy as possible to receive SMS with a registration code, so that it takes just a few minutes for users. You can go through the entire procedure in a few steps:

  • Create an account on the OnlineSIM platform for receiving SMS with codes online
  • Choose the type of virtual number you need – disposable or rental-based – and make the required deposit
  • From the list of different countries, select the one the citizen of which you want to register
  • Specify the website on which you are going to verify
  • Insert the proposed virtual number into the online registration form on the selected Internet resource
  • As soon as an SMS with a code arrives in your account, enter it on the verification form

Registering on websites and apps with a free virtual numbers is as easy as using your permanent phone number. However, this option has a huge advantage: all your data and identity will be reliably protected from both scammers and ordinary curious people. OnlineSIM is your reliable assistant in matters of privacy and security!