What are some of the best bitcoin wallets?

What are some of the best bitcoin wallets

The first step in becoming a bitcoin trader is to find a safe and secure Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallets are much like physical wallets in which you store Bitcoins.

These are basically software applications that help in holding your Bitcoin and keeping you away from theft or fraud.

However, bitcoin, unlike fiat currencies, does not have a physical existence and can only be stored in such coin wallets. Bitcoin wallets have come a long way, and you can find a wide plethora of reliable and secure ones that help make transactions quickly.

When you start to trade and store Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies, you need to first get your hands on the best wallets. Following are some of the best bitcoin wallets that you can choose from:


Besides being a Bitcoin wallet, Coinsmart is also a cryptocurrency exchange that aids in buying and selling all kinds of digital coins quickly. You can access your coins very easily using this platform and also provide smart invoicing.

This application supports a wide plethora of cryptocurrencies to choose from and also provides 24)7 support. You can access this wallet from both your computer as well as mobile devices.


This is a Bitcoin wallet supported by both desktop and mobile devices. You can swap between various cryptocurrencies, which makes this a very promising crypto wallet.

You can switch over 100 varieties of cryptocurrencies now using this wallet! Whether you are a beginner or pro, the simple user interface of this app, along with all the essential features, will help you make seamless transactions in no time at all.

However, experts in the field may find this application a little limited. One of the biggest concerns when using this wallet is that it is a closed source wallet that does not provide public access to codes which may raise some security concerns.


Binance is a trendy crypto space for both beginners and pros. It is a great place for you to start your journey with cryptocurrencies and offers great wallet services as well.

You can trade using over 150 cryptocurrencies here, and it further integrates your trading needs for better resolution. It is known for providing a wide plethora of tools that are necessary for Bitcoin trading and also has 24/7 customer support for one and all.

Binance is undoubtedly one of the safest wallets that you can find in the market and has been known for years for its reliability and performance.


This is an open-source Bitcoin wallet but can only be operated on mobile devices. Besides bitcoin, it can support various other cryptocurrencies as well, making it a versatile wallet for users.

Mycelium also provides users with a cryptocurrency exchange that is extremely reliable. However, since it has somewhat of a confusing user interface, it might be a little difficult for beginners.

Mycelium allows you to customise transaction fees depending on how long you would want to wait for a transaction to take place. It provides support for hardware wallets, which means that you will be able to access your Bitcoin without going online as well!


Kraken has become one of the most formidable Bitcoin wallets in the present times. It has been known to provide excellent services and unique features to its customers that makes it user friendly as well.

You will be able to reach out to them through live chat in case of any inconveniences. Some of the main reasons why Kraken has become so influential in providing the best experience is because of its cordial relationship and adherence to regulations.

The reserves are always filled at Kraken, helping you to make seamless transactions without any trouble. The security provided by this wallet service is extremely prudent and has been made super comprehensive.


If you want to start your journey with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, start today with bitcoin wallet.