What Is Turo And How To Calculate It Either Manually or by Using Turo Calculator?

What Is Turo And How To Calculate It Either Manually or by Using Turo Calculator

Turo is a platform that enables you to rent a car by directly contacting the car owner. On the other hand, you can also rent out your own car to anyone without giving any commission to anyone. All this is just due to this car rental company. This company uses the turo calculator to set standard fares so that you as a car owner may earn a handsome amount as a profit. 


So let’s move down and discuss more Turo!


Major Advantage For Car Owners

Due to Turo, car owners can rent out their vehicles to anyone without any hassle.


Major Advantage For Car Owners

As many big car rental companies demand extra or more fares for a destination, Turo helps the public to set fares as per their needs and financial condition. 


Not only companies, but you as a car owner are also at the ease of calculating justified fare, profit, and lease details about your car by using the Turo car calculator. Basically, it would be no wrong to say that Turo has made it possible for you to make a handsome passive income which is a great plus to your earning with only a little effort.

Turo – How Does It Work?

The main motive behind Turo is to help car owners make some profits if their car is just sitting around in the garage all day long. So if you are getting through some kind of financial crisis, just let your car be on the road, thereby helping you earn good earnings to meet your needs. 

Does Turo Charge Any Fee?

Yes, but Turo charges a very low-profit percentage from car owners. It is done to protect both the captain and the rider. Remember this fee changes with the selection of trip and and the type of vehicle a customer chooses. With the Turo calculator, you can also calculate the cost of the trip which is another benefit of this online tool.


Let us discuss Turo charges in more detail!

Turo Fees

If you are using the Turo application as a captain, then you are always bound to pay some extra to the company for every other ride. If you think about how much amount you can make after all deductions, then start using the Turo calculator to calculate your net profits for every trip. 


Trip Fee

It is a very small percentage that is deducted by considering the total fare of the trip.


Protection Plan

Different Turo apps offer protection plans for their customers. In a protection plan, there is a minimum, standard, and premier car protection plans. Now it depends upon the customer which one he/she wants to avail.


Youth Captains Fee

If you are in the US and 18-25 years old or in Canada or UK and 18-24 years old, then you need to pay this fee to the Turo company for the trip.



Extras include some more luggage or items that the user takes with him/her on the trip. The more extras are, the more the customer has to pay for the ride.


Security Deposit

This deposit is t be deposited by the client if he/she is younger than 30 years and booking a luxury car. 



Taxes are applied on every trip. As the tax percentage is fixed, but its amount increases or decreases with the length of the trip. 


All of these factors can be estimated in seconds by using the free Turo calculator by calculator-online.net. 

Highest Earning Cars on Turo:

Earning via Turo depends upon many factors. A survey of more than 6 million reviews has revealed that some luxury cars help you to earn more profits. These include:


  • Fiat 500
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Smart Fortwo
  • Ford Fiesta


Apart from these cars, Mercedes, Tesla, BMW, and Porsche are the ones that are considered ultra-luxurious cars on Turo. if you book any of these cars, you are likely to pay more than just the average fares for your trip.


Is Turo Worth It For You?

It depends upon the way you use your car on a daily basis. If you use it several times a day, Turo is not for you. But if it sits around the garage all day long, then just let it go out on rent. 

How Much Can You Make on Turo?

If you have an average car, you can earn up to $11,000 per annum on Turo. using the Turo calculator will also let you know how this profit changes with respect to your car model and trip lengths.