What was the reason for the success of the French national team at the World Cup 2018?

What was the reason for the success of the French national team at the World Cup 2018

Even at the qualification stage for the 2018 World Cup, the French national team demonstrated an excellent game, although it didn’t become the best in all respects. Germany showed impeccable results, but in the end, took only fourth place in the world cup. All football matches today of different tournaments featuring national teams or clubs can be found on a verified statistical portal, which also offers the latest news and lineups.

After losing to Sweden, experts criticized the French and predicted that they wouldn’t leave the qualification group. However, in their next game, they upset the haters and smashed the Netherlands 4:0. This was followed by a misfire in the game against Luxembourg, but France made no more mistakes.

At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the French played pragmatically, although the fans were waiting for spectacular and interesting games. The lineup was well-played and the fans got what they wanted. It was this fact that became the key success factor, as well as the following points:

  1. The correct choice of strategy by Didier Deschamps. Even at the qualification stage, the coach often changed tactics, trying to use all the best into the lineup. Despite fans’ wishes, Deschamps preferred a more defensive game plan with adjustments to the offensive side throughout a match.
  2. Team attack. The attackers “slept through” the group stage, but they were so good in the playoffs! The almost perfect play of Kilian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann brought the result.
  3. Midfielders. Paul Pogba had a sluggish season, and Didier Deschamps was criticized by many for challenging the defensive midfielder at the 2018 World Cup. Moreover, few people wanted to see Pogba in the decisive matches. However, Paul responded to critics with excellent performance and became one of the best players of the tournament.

The defence can be praised too, but not for the match against Argentina. They were lucky to miss only 3 goals because there were plenty of chances to score.

Best players of the French national team at the 2018 World Cup

Kilian Mbappé became the best young player at the 2018 World Cup. However, fans demanded the main individual MVP award for the PSG striker. In their opinion, Luka Modrić didn’t deserve to become the best player, but the organizers of the tournament decided that way. All football results of matches that are held today or have already ended are available on the verified statistical portal. You can find information about major tournaments and less popular championships.

In addition to Mbappé, the French national team had the following eminent players:

  • Antoine Griezmann;
  • Paul Pogba;
  • Hugo Lloris;
  • Ngolo Kante.

Rafael Varane also played at the highest level. France deservedly won the 2018 World Cup, although the lineup was even better in the triumphant 2021 League of Nations.