Why Should You Prioritize Flavors While Buying CBD Vape Pens?

Why Should You Prioritize Flavors While Buying CBD Vape Pens?

Vaping is not so new a trend, but it is available in a different form for Gen Z-ers to quickly adopt the habit. Initially, it was infamous for its use for entertainment purposes, but with rising awareness of health issues associated with smoking, its demand is growing.

However, earlier, when vapes had nicotine in them, they were barely bringing any change in the user’s habit. But, as manufacturers started introducing organic products in place of nicotine and other chemicals, the buzz started to grow.

Still, there was another hurdle to cross. Organic compounds have a bitter taste, and Gen Z-ers were quick to drift away as it ruined their overall experience.

So, manufacturers started using flavors to transform vaping into an exciting way of smoking cessation. Vaping has also become quite convenient with the invention of the CBD vape pen from https://cbd.co/cbd-vape/cbd-vape-pens/. But, you cannot just go to the store and pick up any vape pen without looking at its flavor. But why are flavors while buying CBD vape pens important? Let’s find out.

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What Flavors Are Available In The Market?

When manufacturers first started using flavors, only a few options were available. However, with growing demand, the number of options also grew. Some popular fruity vape flavors are blueberry, watermelon, kiwi, mango, and pineapple. Some exciting flavors like strawberry cough and strawberry lemonade are also available. There are also a few flavors that retain the earthy taste of cannabis. Nowadays, you can also mix flavors to create a customized one for yourself.


Why Should You Prioritize Flavors?

The concept is valid only for the experience is wrong. It surprises many users when asked to choose a vape flavor cautiously. So, let’s see what other factors influence it?


●       Experience

Well, the first reason is apparent. The correct flavor of the vape juice can enhance your experience of vaping. But, if you mistakenly pick up the wrong one, you may start feeling uncomfortable right after the first puff. So, it’s best not to take a chance.


●       Good For Parties

Second, it can get you in the right mood. Though many people vape regularly, it is still a big hit at parties. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right flavor to get yourself in the right mood. If you are the one having friends at your place, you should have a variety of flavors available so that you don’t disappoint any of your guests. It would be best if you also keep the option of the unflavored vape juice for those who do not prefer their vape to taste like a fruit or a drink.


●       Allergies

But that’s not all that makes vape juice important. For example, many may not know that the wrong flavor can trigger your allergies. In addition, you should know that vape juices are not only fruit extracts. They also contain some ingredients that may not suit you. For example, though propylene glycol and vegetable oil create the base for every flavor, manufacturers may use various ingredients to increase the juice’s shelf life.


Survey says that at least two out of ten vape users are allergic to glycol, one of the base ingredients of vape juice. It may cause dry throat, swollen gums, sore throat, rashes, skin problems, and even sinus problems. Many can also be allergic to a particular fruit and should avoid the same. So, you must carefully go through the ingredient list while selecting the cartridge for your vape pen.


●       Taste

The final reason that makes vape juice important is its taste. The tongue receptors are pretty sensitive and may throw a person entirely off. Some say fruity flavors make them uncomfortable, whereas others prefer mint for the cold effect.


Does CBD Vape Juice Provide Health Benefits?

Vape juice flavors don’t just exist to lift one’s mood but are also less harmful or somewhat beneficial than traditional vape juice. It is because they derive their qualities from their base ingredients.


Every vape juice contains propylene glycol as the carrier and vegetable glycerine. So let’s see how they add value.



There is a significant number of people who are allergic to glycol. But the good news is that one can prepare vape juice without it.


  • Vegetable glycerine helps thicken the juice and comes from plants. They also help subside the harshness of glycol. It is the base liquid of every vape juice and adds body to the flavor. It is primarily for people who are allergic to glycol.


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What Is The Onset Time Of CBD Vape Juice?

One can feel the effects of CBD faster while vaping. It is because the vape smoke directly hits the nerves when inhaled. Whereas, when it comes to edibles and liquids, the onset time can be more as it takes the human body more time to break down the compounds. So it takes a couple of days for the extracts to mix with the bloodstream. However, the onset time also depends on individuals. So, it is hard to guarantee an exact period.


Final Words

Vapes are multifaceted. One can use them at parties or regularly to eliminate their smoking habit. But it is essential to choose the right one with good ingredients. Youngsters often save a few bucks and buy the cheap vape pens local vendors sell. They are often equally harmful as cigarettes, as some even contain nicotine. Manufacturers who are trying to scam customers often do not mention the actual ingredients present in the juice. So, it is essential to buy it only from a trusted vendor.


Another essential factor that one should keep in mind before one starts vaping. Though vaping is an alternative to smoking, one should always be cautious about not developing another. Also, before one starts vaping, they should get allergy tests done not to trigger any reaction.