Month: <span>April 2019</span>

Nairobi to play host to MEST Pan African Tech Summit

Pan-African entrepreneurial training program, has partnered with Microsoft to bring its fourth annual MEST Africa Summit to Nairobi. The 3-day event will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from June 10 – 12, 2019, at the Radisson Blu Hotel. MEST Africa Summit brings together leading entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem players and executives from across Africa and globally to […]
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Tips for Detecting a Hack Early

Even if you think you’re doing everything right, there’s always a chance your site will be hacked. If it happens, it is important to find out quickly. An attacker with control of your site can do a lot of damage to your site visitors, your SEO rankings and your reputation. If your website is critical […]
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Facebook AI researchers create world’s high-res map of Africa

The New AI-powered, high-res maps to help humanitarian aid and relief agencies better assist people in need. Facebook ( is working closely with key non-profit and research partners to use artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to address large-scale social, health and infrastructure challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. These efforts range from rural electrification in Tanzania to […]
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AI powered, high performance SPARK 3 Pro smartphone

TECNO launches AI powered, SPARK 3 Pro smartphone

Global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile ( is ushering a new dawn into the smartphone ecosystem with the release of a new camera-centric 4G smartphone – SPARK 3 Pro. As one of the most remarkable devices to “light up” your photos, the newly released have been upgraded by AI technology to furthermore advanced the […]
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Optimizing brute force protection

One of the ways attackers try to break in to your site is by guessing your username and password. They try to figure out valid usernames and then try lists of common passwords in hopes of successfully logging in. These “dictionary attacks” are a type of brute force login attack. Wordfence includes a number of […]
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