3 Key Benefits of Using Paraphrasing Tools for Content Marketers in 2022

Do you have any idea about where the content marketing industry is reaching in the year 2022? If you don’t know, you can’t organize your content marketing strategy.

According to Emarketer.com, around 60% of marketers create at least a piece of content daily, interesting, isn’t it?

If you want to become a proficient content marketer, remember whatever content you create, should be consistent and unique.

To create unique and consistent content a lot of hard work is required but to assist marketers, students, and writers paraphrasing tools are built.

Content marketers can not create unique and consistent content manually each day therefore, they prefer to paraphrase already available content for their marketing needs.

Paraphrasing is the ability to transform original information into a comprehended, exclusive, and synthesize manner to prevent the information from plagiarism.

Whether you are paraphrasing content orally or in your writing, if you want a plagiarism-free outcome, you need to understand the source material very well.

Many marketers fail in paraphrasing manually, therefore they prefer using a free paraphrasing tool as the tool offers a lot of benefits.

In this article, we will discuss the three key benefits of using a paraphrasing tool, and we will also rundown the working of a paraphrasing tool.

Benefits of Paraphrasing Tools for Content Marketers

1.     Provide high-quality content

Google highly appreciates quality content but do you ever think, why quality content is so necessary for your business?

Well, if you don’t know the answer then you are just wasting money and time on your business’s content marketing.

Quality content is so important for your business because quality content can increase your search ranking, and once your search ranking is high, it can directly affect your site’s organic traffic positively.

Do you know that 93% of online experience starts with a search engine, [Source: Webfx.com] because customers don’t know exactly what they want, they need a search engine to guide them.

Though creating high-quality content means it should be free from spelling errors, grammatically correct, engaging, and provide complete information.

Putting all these factors in your content in order to write well each day is very stressful, a paraphrasing tool is what you need to create high-quality content.

The tool is designed with an artificial intelligence algorithm that completely analyzes source content and paraphrases it to express information in an original manner.

The tool takes care of all the grammatical and spelling errors, and exclusively covers complete information.

This way, content marketers can get high-quality content that will save their effort and provide them with maximum benefits.

2.     Helps in getting quality inbound links

The purpose behind every content marketing is to get popular among your customers, but, with the extensive competition online, how will your customers find you on the internet?

If you want the search engine to show your brand when a user searches for any product or query that is related to your business, you need to make high-quality inbound links for your site.

Do you know, Google takes backlinks as a sign that your site contains high-quality content. Quality backlinks are the most prominent factor in your site’s Search engine optimization.

In this graph, we can observe how several newly-acquired inbound links helped in search engine position. We can say that there is a correlation between backlinks and SEO ranking.

But, the question here is, how can you get quality backlinks for your website?

The answer to this question is high-quality content, it will help you in getting quality and authentic backlinks that will improve your search engine ranking.

With the paraphrasing tool creating quality, consistent, and unique content is a piece of cake. The tool will not just help in quality content production, but with acquiring quality backlinks too.

You can get authentic backlinks from well-reputed websites only if the content on your site is not copied from other websites or sources.

3.     Help in improving brand image

Your business’s content marketing is mainly to improve your brand image, isn’t it? You create content and publish it on your site so that you can attract more audiences and your brand can be promoted.

Your content actually acts as a communicator with your audience because you are not physically present to communicate with your audience to tell them how you are better than your competitors.

It’s your content that is responsible for your brand image, do you know 60% of customers would not purchase from a brand that has poorly written content?

So, if you want to enhance your brand’s reputation your content should not be complex that your audience won’t get it completely.

Because you can never know exactly what the demographic features of your target audience are, and to save you from this stress paraphrasing tools are here to rescue you.

Paraphrasing tools produce human-readable content that even a 6th-grade student can get completely. With the content paraphrased by the tool, you can gain your customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Once you are successful in achieving your customers’ trust and satisfaction, no force can stop your brand from reaching the heights of the moon.

How do paraphrasing tools work to provide quality content for your marketing needs?

Paraphrasing tools are AI-based gadgets that are designed in a way that they take in source content to express it in a newfound way.

The tool rephrases the content by replacing words of source content with their synonyms and adjusting the sentence structure of source content to make it completely unique and plagiarism-free.

Let’s take an example to see the working of a rephrasing tool:

Source Text [Via Sharecare.com]

Some people will start by spending five minutes every morning of just stepping outside and breathing. So instead of rushing right into your day, maybe take some deep breaths, get some fresh light and air, and then move into your day — and similarly, maybe doing that at the end of the day.


Paraphrased Text

Some people start by spending five minutes each morning getting out and breathing. So instead of rushing straight into the day, maybe take a few deep breaths, get some light and some fresh air, and then get on with your day – and in the same way, maybe you will. End of the day.

You can see in the image attached above that the paraphrasing tool finds out a grammatical mistake in the source content, and rewrites the source content by removing the grammatical mistake.

And the highlighted words are the synonyms the tool used to make the content unique, however, the original sense of the source content is still maintained.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, we discuss the three core benefits of using a paraphrasing tool for content marketing, we provided some stats that will help you understand the importance of paraphrasing tools.

We also discussed the working of a paraphrasing tool with an example so that you can decide whether or not the paraphrasing tool is helpful for your content marketing needs.