4 IT Professions Where You Need Examsnap Cisco 200-901 DEVASC Certification Exam

4 IT Professions Where You Need Examsnap Cisco 200-901 DEVASC Certification Exam

The IT space is huge-sized, and so there are dozens of professional IT certifications you could work towards. That’s why you’ve got to discover which certificates align with your goals and focus on pursuing those through passing the relevant exams.

Here, the spotlight is on the Cisco 200-901 DEVASC test, the Cisco certification it leads to, and the job roles it’s most valuable for.

A Brief Overview of 200-901 Exam and Its Associated Certification

200-901 Cisco Exam is an associate-level exam that validates IT professionals on their skills in implementing fundamental network applications utilizing Cisco platforms as a basis, applying automation workflows across computing, collaboration, security, and network infrastructures. Bypassing Examsnap 200-901 exam, you earn the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification.

Remember that Cisco accreditations are prestigious and well-known. And so if you plan to work in any of the job roles listed below, you should start working towards earning DevNet Associate.

Job Roles that Require Taking the Cisco Exam

  1. Software Developer

Examsnap Software developers are the backbone and creative minds behind all the applications you use on your computer and mobile devices. According to ZipRecruiter, they earn up to $138k, depending on their skill set and experience. Moreover, there are two categories of software developers: systems software developers and application software developers.

Systems software developers design systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software for enterprise organizations. Examsnap Application software developers, on the other hand, design apps/software solutions that meet consumer needs on computers and mobile devices. They also monitor the application’s performance, modify as needed, and research upgrades when needed.

  1. Network Engineer and Network Administrator

Network engineers are highly skilled technology professionals who plan, implement and oversee the computer network that supports internal video, data, voice, and wireless network services in enterprise establishments.

Laypeople sometimes use the titles network engineer and network administrator interchangeably. But in reality, these two professionals perform different tasks. Network engineers handle more executive duties than the typical network administrator. While engineers deal more with technical specifications, design, and planning of network solutions, network administrators deal with daily troubleshooting, management, and maintenance tasks. That’s why network engineers earn an average salary of Examsnap 200-901 , according to PayScale while network administrator makes about $60k annually.

  1. Infrastructure Architect

These tech geniuses focus on designing and implementing information systems to suit businesses or customers’ existing infrastructure and enterprises. Infrastructure architects work with their clients or employers to decide the expected result of a system or technical project. Then, they manage the designing, building, and deployment of a significant part of the project. They also monitor the suitability, reliability, and security of existing systems and research beneficial upgrades.

Moreover, to get into this position, you’ll typically need skills in cloud methodologies, configuration software, user experience (UX), information system development, and enterprise applications. Thus, IT infrastructure architects earn an average salary of $113k according to the PayScale website.

  1. Network Automation Engineer

As a network automation engineer, your role revolves around utilizing DevOps methodologies and managing your client’s network using software and not only the command-line interface. Therefore, network automation engineers essentially perform the same tasks done by network engineers, except that automation engineers use advanced tools such as Python, Chef, SaltStack, Puppet, and Ansible.

As a result, IT professionals working as network automation engineers earn an average salary of $116k annually, according to ZipRecruiter.


As you understand, due to the skills required and the nature of their job roles, IT professionals will all benefit from writing Examsnap 200-901 DEVASC exam. So, if you work in any of these positions, plan to take this test and earn the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification. You can then leverage it to advance your career and increase your earning.

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