5 Key Money Transfer App Benefits: When Sending Money from Nigeria to Kenya

Several advancements in technology have made money transfer a lot easier across the globe. Long gone are the days when you’d solely depend on a bank to move funds internationally. The process was not only slow but also rather costly, especially with the many hidden charges. Today, you can send money internationally with ease using a money transfer app. So, what even is the advantage of using a money transfer app to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya?

Well, in this article, we will show you exactly why you need to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya using a money transfer app. Here are 5 benefits that will inspire you to switch from conventional money transfer methods such as banks to contemporary methods such as a money transfer app:


Money is crucial and its security is paramount. It’s normal to worry when sending money, especially when you’re doing so across borders. A lot can happen between you sending the funds and its arrival to the recipient. That is why it’s important that you use a reliable method to move funds internationally.

Most money transfer apps use sophisticated technology to ensure that your credentials and money is safe all through. Aside from helping you avoid the trouble of in-person paperwork when sending money internationally, a money transfer app will equally put your security first.

To start with, money transfer apps are closely regulated by strict standards. Plus, they use world-class practices to ensure that you’re sending money safely. Thus, you can rest assured that your money is safe when you Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya.

The added peace of mind when using these apps comes where you get to track the progress of your transaction. Therefore, once you Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya, you can track its trajectory until it gets to the recipient. Isn’t it more comforting to know exactly where your money is at any given time? Rather than just guessing that it’s floating somewhere online.

It’s Cheaper When You Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya Using a Money Transfer App

Yes, this is another superb advantage of using a money transfer app to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya. These apps are a lot cheaper when compared to using banks. Banks have numerous fees – some hidden. To evade such unfair costs, then a money transfer app offers a fantastic solution. In fact, money transfer apps use the mid-market exchange rate. Thus, they offer a fair rate for sending funds.

Who wants to spend more when they can spend less for the same amount of value? The deal that money transfer apps give you is to save money on each transfer. This way, the recipient has more money in their pocket.

Even though money transfer apps charge less than brick-and-mortar options, it would still be a great idea to research more about their fees individually. You might get that one app offers a better deal than another similar one.

Readily Available

The advantage of money transfer apps is that you can get them internationally. Thus, when you want to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya, you won’t miss an app that can help you do it effectively.

Most money transfer apps have a huge global footprint that allows users to send money practically everywhere. But it’d still be important for you to check individual app websites to see how far their network extends.

With in-person transfers, you have a geographical limitation, which is not the case when you use a money transfer app. For money transfer apps, all you need to do is to create an account with them online and you’re good to go.

Saves Your Time

In-person money transfer services often close up during the holidays. And this can be inconvenient for those who’d love to send funds abroad. Not just on holidays, but these services can also close during pandemic-related times. Both of these cases will make it difficult for you to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya.

On the flip side, money transfer apps allow you to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to log in and feed in the recipient details, hit send and relax. Within a few minutes or hours, the funds will be in your recipient’s account.

You’d be able to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya more quickly using a money transfer app than you would with a bank.

Easy for the Recipient

You wouldn’t want a complicated method of money transfer for you or your recipient. It would be best to use a method that even a person with no bank account or money transfer app can use.

Most money transfer apps allow you to Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya without the need for the recipient to possess a bank or money transfer app account. They can simply collect the funds right from a pickup point. Convenience at its best.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the 5 key benefits when you Send Money from Nigeria to Kenya using a money transfer app, we believe that you can select the right app. 

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