A College Offering Photography Training Courses in Nairobi Kenya

Someone asked me, “with high-quality cameras on smartphones, is paying for photography not a thing of the past?” My answer was simple, “No, it’s not.

Today I will emphasize my answer because, at Janeson Institute, we have seen our students excel in photography as a career. Careers you can’t excel in with a smartphone only.

We have produced event photographers, documentary photographers, fashion photographers, and fine art photographers. As a matter of fact, we equally excelled as a photography company before we started training. 

The training approach at Janeson institute is so different from the traditional training colleges. We start with the end in mind. We train you in a way that you get value for your investment. You will monetize your skills even before you finish the course.

We put emphasis on the following to ensure you are skillful and stand out in this competitive industry. 

Ability to meet deadlines Ability to work with various cameras and light sources.
Excellent negotiation skillsAbility to take pictures in any environment with any camera or lens.
People skills Ability to take pictures at fast shutter speeds using long lenses, handheld cameras, tripods, macro shots with extension tubes, and bellows for close focus.
Attention to detailutilizing post-production tools like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to enhance images.
CreativityPanning with moving subjects.


The photography course is three months long. It is a short course. By the end of the training, you will have done a minimum of 8 practical real-time projects. We assign you projects to be submitted to clients. This ensures that you put your best foot forward.

Genuine feedback from clients helps our students grow and be more confident. You will also leverage our industry networks which will act as a milestone in your career. 

Why Janeson Institute

  • Industry-experienced trainers.
  • Adequate types of equipment and accessories.
  • real-world photography experience.
  • portfolio of work to show off. 
  • quality networks in the industry.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Part-time classes.
  • Learn advanced techniques and tricks.

For those that are incredibly inventive and are trying to figure out how to use their creativity, you can achieve that via photography. The cherry on top is that it doesn’t have to be just a hobby. It’s possible to make a profession out of it. Join the Best Photography School in Kenya, Janeson Institute today to study with the experts.