Apple iOS 16 Software Key Features

Apple iOS 16 Software Key Features

Apple has announced the much-awaited iOS 16 software upgrade that all iPhone users had waited for. The new Os made its debut as through beta stages for testing by developers before it became available for all.

iOS 16 is the 16th and current major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone line of products. It was announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference as the successor of iOS 15.

Apple had previously announced that it would be releasing it on the 12th of September just four days after announcing the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro.

Here are some of the new features on the new iOS 16 release:

  • Apple Pay will now let you use contactless payments with merchants who use iPhones. You will be able to split purchases into four new payments over six weeks
  • Apple Pay will now also support third-party browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for improved in-browser payments.
  • An iCloud Shared Photo library that lets users share their pictures seamlessly in the separate iCloud library.
  • Edit and delete messages on iMessage. The SharePlay feature will now enable you to work together in messages and collaborations on different documents from the messaging app.
  • The Lock Screen has been improved. Users are now able to change their clock’s font, font color, and wallpaper themes. Additionally, users will be able to add widgets and reposition photos.
  • New Memoji customizations and features for the iPhone
  • The new iOS 16 will enable setting up a child device quite easily thanks to the Family Sharing feature.  Parents will no doubt love this feature as it lets them control the screen time of their children.
  • Focus mode will now be extended to the lock screen. Users will be able to create new lock screens which extend to their focus modes such as work and entertainment.
  • Users will be able to transfer eSim easily
  • Users will now be able to copy/paste and edit photos.
  • Live Text and Visual Lookup will get some upgrades on iOS 16. Users will now be able to pull and copy texts from videos as well as translating text from live videos.
  • The iOS 16 adds support for Nintendo Switch controller connectivity

The new Os is expected to be supported on a wide range of devices that extend back to the iPhone 8 and newer versions of the iPhone. One of its major features is the lock screen where iPhone users will get to change the clock’s font and color, adjust picture placement, try out some of the wide variety of filter styles, and change and create multiple lock screens. Users will also be able to apply different themes such as the environment.

iOS Safety Check

The iOS 16 Safety check will add more safety to the users of the iPhone. The feature will help users protect much private information such as location sharing and application permissions. Additionally, it also supports and protects the privacy of your messages.

iOS Lock Screen

Notification on the lock screen of the iOS 16 will now roll in from the bottom of the screen instead of the usual center placement in other iOS versions.

iOS 16 Maps

Do you use the maps feature? Apple’s new navigation app has been improved. Users will get to explore the 3D feature city map. Currently, the feature is only available in 6 select cities in the United States.

iOS 16 Health

As it was announced in the release of the new WatchOS 9, the iOS 16 Health feature for its users will see Apple have a new App for the Fitness app to work together with the smartwatch to track user movements and other activities such as the daily steps count.