How To Check Your NSSF Number Online

How To Check Your NSSF Number Online

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) was formed to cater to Kenyans’ security. It is a contribution scheme for individuals over 18 years old who are either employed or self-employed. The main goal of NSSF is to provide Kenyans with financial security benefits when they retire.

Upon registering with the NSSF, you get issued an NSSF card that bears your name and NSSF number, among other details. This identifies you as an individual and helps you make your contributions easily.

An NSSF number protects you, as a Kenyan worker either in the formal or informal sector.

If you have lost your NSSF card and need to retrieve your number all you need is a computer or a mobile phone with an internet connection.

Checking Your NSSF Number Online

The NSSF number recovery process involves both physical and online procedures.

  • Visit the nearest NSSF branch.

NSSF has branches in every corner of the country. Identify the nearest branch or any Huduma Center and visit it during working hours.

You’ll need to carry your national ID and any other documents that prove you’re the owner of the account.

Once at the NSSF offices, explain your situation to one of the tellers. In this case, you can’t access your account number details. Provide the necessary supporting documents to prove ownership of the account.

How To Check Your NSSF Number Online

  1. Visit the NSSF Self-Service Portal: Use the official address
  2. Go to “Member Self Service Resources”: This option is available under the “Self Service Resources” Menu option.
  3.  Tap “Recover forgotten/lost credentials”: This is the last option under member self-service links.
  4. Enter your NSSF username.
  5. Key in your Employer ID: Ask your employer to give you their NSSF ID number.
  6. Provide your KRA PIN: Check your latest KRA returns document to obtain this number.
  7. Type in the Encoded NSSF PIN key: This is the number you were issued when you visited their offices.
  8. Change your password: Type in a new password for your account. Confirm it in the following textbox.
  9. Prove that you are not a robot: Type in the provided visual verification code in its respective field. If it is not clear, tap the “Refresh” link to get another clearer code.
  10. Click on Save: Finally, tap on the Save button located below the recovery forms.
  11. Login to your account: Use your new password and username. You will see your account number and contribution status after logging in.