Apple Launches Satellite Emergency SOS

Apple has launched its satellite service for sending emergency SOS messages for iPhone 14 users in the US and Canada.

The SOS Satellite feature allows users to quickly and easily call the emergency team without service. The update allows emergency call centers to connect with more users. It also requires no additional software or protocols to enable communications.

“With Emergency SOS via satellite, users can send and receive messages in as little as 15 seconds in clear conditions. Using the built-in Emergency SOS via satellite demo, users can test satellite connectivity on their iPhone by connecting to a real satellite in range without calling emergency services, allowing them to experience the process and familiarize themselves with the service,” Apple said.

The technology uses a combination of custom-designed components and software to allow users to connect to a satellite network outside of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

When the iPhone detects no signal is available, users will be presented with the option to use an “Emergency Text via Satellite” app.