Best Part-Time Jobs In Kenya

Best Part-Time Jobs In Kenya

Modern problems call for modern solutions. And with tough economic times, most Kenyans are scraping their minds on what side hustles to venture into in order to make ends meet.

The world has endless possibilities, here we narrow down some of the best part-time jobs you could try out in Kenya.

#1: Tutor

Back in the day, most parents preferred sending their kids to tuition over the holidays. The luckier ones were able to hire private tutors for their kids, all in a bid to ensure their child’s academic success.

That’s still something you can do even now… Be a Private Tutor.

As a tutor, you ask students about difficult topics or subject areas to set improvement goals. Review recent homework assignments and tests to work through problems the student did not answer correctly. Communicate with parents or guardians about problem areas or any other issue that requires attention.


#2: Freelancer

Freelancers are individuals who sell specific talents, skills or products by setting their own price and/or working hours.

You can be a freelance photographer, a freelance writer, a designer… Depending on your skills and talents, you choose who you work for and what services you offer.

Being a freelancer allows working with as many clients as you want. But be sure not to mix up your products or services with the wrong client.

#3: Transport Business

Every day, people are in a quick rush to get to a meeting, or a conference. Sometimes they just want the comfort, or they’re car-pooling to an event.


You could use this to your advantage and sign up as a driver on the various transport apps available. The good thing about this is you might not even need to leave your day job. You can work as a rider on weekends and make that extra ka-ching.


#4: Selling Products


Growing up, I remember there was a lady who on most occasions would receive second-hand shoes, toys and clothes from the US. She’d compile everything, choose what’s of good quality, and get them cleaned out, and if fixing was needed she’d make sure that was sorted. The mama would then host an open-air market in her backyard (every first Saturday of the month), and people would flock to try to buy a thing or two.


I’ll divide this into selling second-hand goods and selling products, both online.


Selling products isn’t limited. You can sell an array of things from hair and head accessories, jewellery, make-up, body oils… Anything. Just find your target clients, find out what they like or look for the most but can’t easily find, and there you go.


Selling second-hand goods. Now the drill with this is, please let it be quality second-hand goods. It could be a shoe or a dress or a bed. The secret to these products is making sure your products are still of good quality.

#5: Vlogging

Aaaaahh yes. The in-thing at the moment. I think the majority are doing this. You could hop on the bandwagon and join them as well. The trick here is to be unique. You could be a foodie vlogger but how you do it is what makes you stand out, yeah.


YouTube vlogging can be a good idea for a part-time job. You can make a good fortune from Youtube as long as you have enough subscribers, make quality videos and produce good content. You earn based on the advertisements displayed on your videos.


The ‘part-time jobs in Kenya’ list is endless. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do.