Bolt introduces #DrivingWITech campaign to empower Women in Tech

Bolt introduces #DrivingWITech campaign to empower Women in Tech

Bolt has unveiled a new campaign under the hashtag #DrivingWITech to empower women in technology across Africa.  

The campaign by the ride-hailing company will run throughout this month and is targeted at jumpstarting careers for women in the tech space regardless of their field.

Bolt will be offering 12 internships to women across Africa right from Operations to Marketing, PR to Engineering. The Company says there could be a role for anyone choosing to challenge.

The internship will offer women at the start of their careers access to Top Bolt executives with years of experience across Europe and Africa.

”Successful candidates will have the chance to not only start a career in tech but also make a difference in the ride-hailing space.” the company said.

By using the hashtag #DrivingWITech users will nominate her with a post on their social media (Twitter or IG) making a case for why she deserves the Internship role and what she would contribute to the industry if given the opportunity.

The top finalists will be announced in April and the internship program will begin in May.