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10 Tech trends Directors Need to Know as 2020 Approaches

Heading into fall with eyes on 2020, corporate boards should brace for the increasing impact of digital migration, artificial intelligence (AI), and cultural shifts on their companies – and what this means for their role as directors, says WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation (WCD). “Trends point to a very different reality for boards today than five or ten years ago,” says Susan […]
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Kaspersky: The dark side of apps

Mobile device security threats are on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. In 2019 the number of worldwide mobile phone users is forecast ( to reach 4.68 billion of which 2.7 billion are smartphone users. So, if you are looking for a target, it certainly makes sense to go where the numbers are. Think […]
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Kaspersky gets patent for tech meant to detect malicious functionality in a virtual machine

Kaspersky has received a patent (US10339301) from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a technology designed to simplify the detection of malicious functionality in a virtual machine. By creating the exact conditions that trigger malware execution, this patented know-how allows researchers to analyse a suspicious file in a single attempt instead of trying it […]
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AWIT’s “Awaken the TechAZON Within” seeks to empower African Women

African Women in Technology Conference (AWIT 2019) seeking to connect start-ups to mentors has kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya. Hosted yearly by ​IBOM LLC​, the 3-day conference is themed “Awaken The Techazon Within” focuses on empowering, educating and connecting African women in business and technology. AWIT seeks to provide a platform for advancing the careers […]
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By Christine Ambetsa Chief   Information Officers (CIOs) are operating in a state of heightened awareness. Their mission-critical systems are increasingly under threat from constantly evolving viruses and hacks, making it tougher than ever for them to defend the lifeblood of their business – data. The National Cybersecurity Centre (NCC) detected over 3.8 million cyber threats […]
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Cyber security tips by kaspersky

Small Business Cyber Security Tips By Kaspersky

Cyberthreats aren’t just a problem for big corporations and governments; small businesses can be targets too. Research suggests that 22% of small businesses have been the targets of cyberattacks. Approximately 11 percent of these occurred in the last year, according to a study conducted by the Better Business Bureau. It’s important to protect your business from cyberattacks, […]
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