Download TM WhatsApp Latest Version 2023

Download TM WhatsApp Latest Version 2023

If you’re an Android user, you probably have WhatsApp installed on your device. It’s one of the most popular messaging apps out there, but have you ever felt like it’s lacking in certain features? That’s where TM WhatsApp comes in.

TM WhatsApp solution combines the best features from renowned WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, and GBWhatsApp.

What is TM WhatsApp?

TM WhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod that offers a range of features not available in the stock WhatsApp app. It’s consistently updated, ensuring you get the best of the best.

With over 10 million users already embracing it, TM WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods available on the internet.

Features of TM WhatsApp

TM WhatsApp offers a range of features that make it stand out from other WhatsApp mods. Here are some of the most notable features:

Deletes/Recalls Messages Sent by Mistake:

Ever sent a message by mistake and wished you could take it back? TM WhatsApp allows you to delete/recall messages sent by mistake even after hours or days.

Freeze/Pause/Fake Your (Last Seen):

Want to hide your online status? TM WhatsApp allows you to freeze/pause/fake your (Last Seen).

Extended Expiry Date:

TM WhatsApp takes the longest time to expire as compared to other mods that require updates every few weeks.

Added VPN Proxy to Unlock Blocked WhatsApp:

TM WhatsApp has been fully equipped with an inbuilt VPN proxy to unlock blocked WhatsApp.

Send Multi Messages to Many Contacts at Once:

With TM WhatsApp, you can send multi messages to many contacts at once.

Converting App Style – WAMOD Style:

TM WhatsApp offers a unique app style that’s different from the stock WhatsApp app.

Able to Switch to Old UI (2014):

If you prefer the old WhatsApp UI, TM WhatsApp allows you to switch to it.

Background Animations:

TM WhatsApp offers a range of background animations, including snow, rain, lightening, water, and more.

SLEEP Mode (Disable Internet on WhatsApp):

Want to disable internet on WhatsApp? TM WhatsApp allows you to do so.


This prevents messages from being revoked by the sender, ensuring that you can always see the messages even if the sender tries to delete them.

These are just a few of the many features that TM WhatsApp offers. It truly enhances your WhatsApp experience and gives you more control over your messaging app.

Why Choose TM WhatsApp?

There are several reasons why TM WhatsApp is the ultimate WhatsApp mod:

  • Ad-Free: Unlike some other mods, TM WhatsApp is completely ad-free. This not only saves you bandwidth and data, but also provides a seamless and uninterrupted messaging experience.
  • Smooth and Fast: TM WhatsApp has re-modified all of its codes, making it smoother and faster than ever. You won’t experience any lag or delays while using the app.
  • 100% Secure: TM WhatsApp takes your privacy seriously. All hidden codes are reviewed and removed, ensuring that your personal information is protected while using the app.
  • Premium Apps: TM WhatsApp offers direct download links to over 300 fully paid premium Android apps, all for free. You can enhance your smartphone experience without spending a dime.
  • TMWhatsApp Group: TM WhatsApp provides a link to join a TM WhatsApp forum, where you can interact directly with the developer and other TM WhatsApp users worldwide. Share your views, get help, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Manual Update: Unlike other mods that automatically update, TM WhatsApp gives you full control over updates. You can update the app at your own convenience and when you have enough data.
  • 100% Free: TM WhatsApp is absolutely free. There are no embedded links that redirect you to donation sites. You get all the features and benefits without any hidden costs.
  • Compatibility: TM WhatsApp is compatible with all Android versions and runs smoothly with minimal crashes. You won’t have any compatibility issues, regardless of the Android version you’re using.

With all these features and benefits, TM WhatsApp stands out as the top choice for anyone looking to enhance their WhatsApp experience.

How to Install TM WhatsApp

Installing TM WhatsApp is a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Download TMWhatsApp: Visit the official TM WhatsApp website or trusted third-party sources to download the TM WhatsApp APK file.
  2. Backup Your Chats: Before installing TM WhatsApp, make sure to backup your chats on the original (stock) WhatsApp. This ensures that you don’t lose any important conversations.
  3. Uninstall Original WhatsApp: Uninstall the original WhatsApp app from your device.
  4. Install TM WhatsApp: Open the downloaded TM WhatsApp APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your device.
  5. Restore Chats: Upon installation, TM WhatsApp will prompt you to restore your chats. Follow the instructions to restore your chats from the backup you created earlier.
  6. Enjoy TM WhatsApp: That’s it! Now you have TM WhatsApp running on your device. Explore the various features and customization options to make the most of your WhatsApp experience.

TM WhatsApp is the ultimate WhatsApp mod that offers a range of features and benefits not available in the stock WhatsApp app. It’s ad-free, smooth, secure, and compatible with all Android versions.

With TM WhatsApp, you have complete control over your messaging app and can enhance your experience with premium apps and a dedicated user forum.