How did Michael Ballack write his name into German football folklore

Germany is the country that many fans associate football with. Perhaps, the local players have no phenomenal technique, but they can defeat even the strongest opponent at the same time.

Michael Ballack is considered one of the best players in the country, but he never managed to become the world champion. Active betting sites in Kenya – offers to bet on German teams at the highest odds. Indeed, new world football stars regularly appear in Germany, and one of them was Michael Ballack. 

Naturally, Ballack obviously stood out against the less talented teammates. Therefore, it is not surprising that he moved to one of the leading teams in the German championship – Kaiserslautern. He played two seasons there, being the main midfielder. The trip round German clubs continued with Bayer and Bayern. Of course, these are the most popular teams in the country, and therefore you can bet on them in Kenya on the actual betting sites, including 1xBet


The only championship outside Germany is related to Chelsea. He moved to London being a German football star. As a result, he was the main player of the Aristocrats as well. Basically, he could play in any position in the midfield. Your live bet Kenya from made it possible to place bets on Chelsea during the game, which enables Ballack’s fans to follow his matches, even if he was not at the heart of the club.

The last team in his career was Bayer. He spent his two farewell seasons there, although he no longer demonstrated the same game level. Ballack’s performance for the German national team deserves special attention. He fell a little short of 100 matches since he spent 98 games on the field and scored 42 goals.

If your level of analytics is high, then in live you could bet from Kenya via 1xBet on the German national team’s games with the participation of Ballack and earn tidy sums. After all, no one could even imagine that the ineffective midfielder would be one of the best scorers in the history of the national team.

What did Michael Ballack win in his career

Of course, considering the clubs for which the German played, it can be said that the number of personal and team awards is simply off the scale. Interestingly, on you can bet on the forthcoming Champions League or Golden Ball winners. Ballack managed to:

  • win the German Championship three times with Bayern;
  • win the English Championship and reach the Champions League final with Chelsea;
  • win the Bundesliga with Kaiserslautern;
  • was three times recognized as the player of the year in Germany.

Perhaps, the personal awards were clearly due to Michael’s games for the national team. After all, he really demonstrated phenomenal games there, as proven by 1xBet’s odds for those games. Thus, he has written his name in German football history.


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