How to apply for a loan with Scoppe Loan App

gettina a loan using Scoppe Loan App

It is easy to apply for a loan using Scoppe Loan App, it requires users to be above the legal age of 18 years with a valid passport or identification card. You must have a Facebook account or a Google account.

The Loan App scans your SMS folder for Mpesa transaction history and your voice call pattern history to build a credit score.

How to apply a loan using Scoppe App

  • Download the Scoppe Loan App from Google Playstore
  • Sign up with Facebook or Google
  • Provide your ID number
  • Input your mobile phone number
  • Wait for the app to evaluate your loan limit
  • Click on ‘Loans’
  • Select ‘Apply Loans’
  • Put the Loan the amount you want
  • Select the Duration of payment
  • Wait for the loan to be processed

The interest rate is 1% per day.

Once approved, you will receive the loan within minutes to your MPesa number. Repayment duration is between 7 days to 1month. Repayments are made weekly.