How to apply for a loan with Zash loan

How to apply for a loan with Zash loan

Zash loan is an online lending platform that gives quick loans for personal, businesses or in financing any other emergencies.

The platform charges different origination fees according to the product chosen which is used for credit score assessment, account management, and payment cost.

Users can easily apply for a loan using their mobile application available on google playstore.

How to apply for Zash loan

  • Download the Zash loan app from Google Play
  • Launch the appĀ and sign up by entering your details including mobile number and pin
  • Next, fill out a short form on the app with your personal details.
  • The whole application process should only take a few minutes.
  • Check your loan limit
  • Click Apply

Once successful, you will receive an SMS confirmation from both Zash loan and MPESA confirming the transaction.