How to Earn Bitcoin through Games

How to Earn Bitcoin through Games

For some time now, Bitcoin has been the talk of the city, and many – whether or not they’re computer lovers – have invested in this very new digital money.

However, it can be not very comforting, as it does not guarantee your money back by investing in cryptocurrencies. But what if we tell you that merely by playing games, you can purchase your first bitcoin? We give you a review of the best downloadable items in this guide. For more information, you can simply visit


Let’s first look at what Bitcoin is before we go into the greatest Bitcoin games. It’s digital money, but it doesn’t have to or is controlled by a bank or government, unlike the fiat currency such as the US dollar.

Everyone who utilizes bitcoin can spend it anonymously for the satisfaction of liberalists and technology lovers.

Every Bitcoin transaction is registered in a public directory that everyone can access, so it is nearly difficult for these transactions to be reversed and counterfeited, even if anonymously.

Although most firms don’t take payment yet, some significant firms like AT&T, Microsoft, and PayPal started paying for Bitcoin and other cryptos. This shows that crypto is the future of money pretty well.

Games for Bitcoin

What better way than playing games to earn Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Blast

It is a fun, colorful game to gain bitcoins. This game’s mechanics are quite simple: simply a chain of three or more Bitcoins must be created to clear the board. The more bonuses and points you get, the longer the chain is. There are hundreds of levels you can play so that this game is unlikely to get you bored.

You only have to register for a Bling account to get started. If you’re ready to get your items, head to the Redemption tab and type your email address in Coinbase.

Bitcoin Solitaire

If you are a solitaire enthusiast, you will be happy to discover that you can now make money while you are playing. Bitcoin Solitaire by PlayDay Studios is similar to the classical card game but with several elements added to it.

To gain points faster, for example, bespoke decks and infinite clues are available. PlayDay Studios collaborated with Bling to provide the most important Solitaire game with Free Bitcoin cashouts!

Alien Run

In a game that requires more action, we can spice things up a bit. Alien Run is a fantastic game that allows you to gain bitcoins every five levels that you exceed.

The game is not the best in aesthetics, but it is gameplay-friendly. The game features hundreds of levels, so watch after them. You have surprising twists.

Bitcoin Blocks

Another entertaining game you might play to get crypto is Bitcoin Blocks. You make combos that help you erase blocks more quickly when you match more than two blocks. So you can’t get addicted to the game, although some players might think it’s a little bit longer than 12 hours.


Tap any card on your screen to start with, and then find the other card couple by turning over. The aim is to find all the pairs in advance of time. As soon as all cards are flipped on your screen, you earn more points.

CryptoWin contains hundreds of levels that you can play, and there are 10 (or mini-) “worlds” at every level. Each level is becoming increasingly difficult, but this is not the pleasure.

Besides finishing levels, you can perform additional things if you want to get more points. For example, call all of your other friends on CryptoWin, and you’ll get 5%. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin can be turned into cryptocurrency when you have sufficient points.

Turbo 84

The game aims to go as far as you can while avoiding specific obstacles and cones. On the road, you will observe lights and symbols of green speed. These must be collected so that you can purchase better automobiles, enhance your engine, and drive the track.

You also have to collect as many THNDR tickets as possible while you are driving. Like Bitcoin Bounce, an external wallet supporting the Lightning Network will be needed to claim your prizes.