How to Flash iPhone device

How to Flash iPhone device

iPhone is implemented with the iOS operating system a very powerful mobile operating system, which is highly regarded as a key feature of the iPhone.

The iOS has more consistent updates for all devices, a closed ecosystem that is harder to penetrate, and a stricter app store making it harder for attackers to target iOS users.

iPhone devices can be flashed using Apple’s official tool including iTunes.

iTunes is apple’s video management and playback software. Of course, it can manage iOS devices, backup data and restore devices.

How to Flash iPhone device

  1. Download the iPhone firmware for that particular model
  2. Put the iPhone in DFU mode.
  3. Hold the home button and press the power button while the iPhone is connected to a computer.
  4. Hold these buttons for 4 seconds and release the power button while still holding the home button. The screen will go dark and remain so.
  5. Fire up iTunes and it will tell you that it detected an iPhone in restore mode and give you an option to restore it.
  6. If you downloaded the iPhone firmware already, hold your SHIFT button your computer keyboard and click restore to browse to where you saved the downloaded file.
  7. Select it and the restore process will start.
  8. Make sure you’re online at the start of all this or else the restore will fail because iTunes verifies the firmware with Apple servers during restore.

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