How to Get Fuliza MPesa Loans; Application and Repayment

How to Get Fuliza MPesa Loans; Application and Repayment

Fuliza MPesa loans is available to all MPESA customers, however, the awarding of limits depends on users credit viability.

Although it is not a typical loan product, Fuliza is an overdraft service that allows Safaricom users to complete MPESA transactions when they have insufficient funds.

How to Access MPESA Fuliza Loan

To gain access to a Fuliza loan, you need to first have a Safaricom sim cardholder as well as a registered M-Pesa user. The Safaricom line needs to have been used for six months.

You can get into the service on your Safaricom line by dialling *234#. Additionally, you can use the Safaricom app to opt-in and out of the service when you deem it fit.

How to repay Fuliza Loan

Any funds received or deposited in your MPESA account will automatically be used to clear your outstanding Fuliza MPESA.

How to increase Fuliza Loan limit

To increase your fuliza limit, Safaricom users are advised to continue using MPESA services frequently and repay Fuliza loans on time by toping up the MPESA account.

Fuliza Interest rates

Below are the daily charges for Fuliza loan interest:

  • Ksh 0-100 ( daily fee Ksh 2 )
  • Ksh 101-500 ( daily fee Ksh 5 )
  • Ksh 501-1000 ( daily fee Ksh 10 )
  • Ksh 1001-1500 ( daily fee Ksh 20 )
  • Ksh 1501-2500 ( daily fee Ksh 25 )
  • Ksh 2501-70000 ( daily fee Ksh 30 )