How to Get Google to Index Your Website

How to Get Google to Index Your Website

Getting your website recognized by the leading search engines is something you probably wish to do foremost in order to have people easily find it.

1. Create an XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a file that lists the important pages on your website, helping search engines find and crawl all those pages.SR Booster

2. Set Up Google Search Console

Here you can submit sitemaps, new content, and URLs, as well as check your indexing status in your Index Coverage Report.SR Booster

3. Optimize your website

In order to simplify and speed up the crawling process, it is necessary to keep your website fast, clean-coded, and optimized.SR Booster

4. Build Powerful Internal Links

By internal linking your pages to the ones that get the most traffic on your site, you’re creating powerful internal links.SR Booster

5. Get quality backlinks

Backlinks are a key aspect of SEO as they help Google find you. So make sure to promote your website on high-traffic sites.SR Booster