How to Obtain a Copy of Your KRA PIN Certificate Using the KRA Portal

How to Obtain a Copy of Your KRA PIN Certificate Using the KRA Portal

If you are in need of a duplicate of your KRA PIN Certificate, understanding the steps involved in acquiring it through the KRA Portal can be beneficial.

The KRA PIN Certificate is an essential document for individuals possessing a National ID in Kenya, playing a crucial role in various aspects of daily life.

Issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the KRA PIN Certificate verifies a taxpayer’s registration with KRA and provides a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This certificate includes vital information such as the KRA PIN Number, taxpayer details, registered address, and tax obligations.

To initiate the process of obtaining a new KRA PIN Certificate, Portal offers convenient KRA PIN Registration Services for first-time applicants. By applying for KRA PIN Registration on the portal, you can receive your new KRA PIN Certificate, KRA PIN Number, and KRA Password via email promptly upon order placement.

This article outlines the essential steps for obtaining a copy of your KRA PIN Certificate through the KRA Portal or iTax. To access your iTax account for the certificate, you will require your KRA PIN Number and KRA Password, which serve as crucial login credentials throughout the process.

Requirements for Obtaining a Copy of Your KRA PIN Certificate

To successfully retrieve your KRA PIN Certificate via the KRA Portal, ensure you have two key requirements at hand: your KRA PIN Number and KRA Password. These credentials are necessary for logging into the KRA Portal and accessing your KRA PIN Certificate.

The KRA PIN Number is a fundamental requirement for this process. In case you have forgotten or misplaced your KRA PIN, you can easily request a KRA PIN Retrieval through Portal. Additionally, if you require a new KRA PIN, you can swiftly obtain it by submitting a KRA PIN Registration order on the portal.

Another essential requirement is the KRA Password, which grants access to your KRA Portal Account. If you encounter any issues with your KRA Password, you can refer to the guide on How To Reset KRA Password for assistance. Following a password reset request, a new password will be emailed to you for account login.

Obtaining a Copy of Your KRA PIN Certificate via the KRA Portal

1. Visit the KRA Portal

Initiate the process by visiting the KRA Portal through this link.

2. Enter Your KRA PIN Number

Input your KRA PIN Number to proceed with the retrieval process.

3. Enter Your KRA Password and Solve the Security Stamp

Provide your KRA Password and solve the security stamp query to access your account.

4. Access Your KRA Portal Account Dashboard

Upon successful login, navigate to the Registration menu tab and select Reprint KRA PIN Certificate.

5. Select Applicant Type as Taxpayer

Choose the applicant type as “Taxpayer” to proceed with downloading your KRA PIN Certificate.

6. Download Your KRA PIN Certificate Copy

Click on the designated link to download your KRA PIN Certificate for future reference.

By following these outlined steps, you can efficiently obtain a copy of your KRA PIN Certificate via the KRA Portal. Remember to have your KRA PIN Number and KRA Password ready for a seamless retrieval process.