How to Pay GoTv Subscription

How to Pay GoTv Subscription

You can easily pay for your monthly GOTV subscriptions using the GOtv Paybill number by making the payment on your phone.

Here’s how

  1. Go to the Safaricom toolkit
  2. Select MPESA
  3. Enter GOtv MPesa Paybill number 423655
  4. Input your GoTv IUC number (at the bottom of your decoder) as account number
  5. Enter the amount to pay
  6. Confirm the details entered, Click ‘Ok’
  7. You will then receive a confirmation SMS of your payment.

GOtv packages

Here is the list of the GOtv packages you can subscribe to.

        Package                 Number of channels                Price Ksh monthly

  1. GOtv max                             49                                          1299.00
  2. GOtv plus                             40                                            749.00
  3. GOtv value                           23                                            499.00
  4. GOtv lite (Monthly)           17                                             260.00
  5. GOtv lite (annually)           15                                           1500.00
  6. GOtv lite (Quarterly)         16                                             590.00