How to Pay NHIF Contributions Via Mpesa 2024

How to Pay NHIF Contributions Via Mpesa 2024

Paying your NHIF contributions is now easier than ever with the convenience of Mpesa and the NHIF Selfcare platform.

In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to make your NHIF payments seamlessly using both methods. Whether you prefer the ease of Mpesa or the flexibility of the Selfcare platform, we’ve got you covered.

Paying NHIF Contributions Via Mpesa

Step 1: Go to MPESA Menu

To initiate your NHIF payment, start by accessing the MPESA menu on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Select PAYBILL

Navigate to the PAYBILL option within the MPESA menu to proceed with your NHIF payment.

Step 3: Enter Pay-bill Number 222222

Enter the NHIF Paybill number 222222 as the recipient of your payment.

Step 4: Enter Account Number

Depending on the type of contribution, you will need to enter the appropriate account number:
– NHIFM-ID Number (For Normal contributions e.g. NHIFM-3456789004)
– NHIFP-ID Number (For Penalty contributions e.g. NHIFP-098765439876)

Step 5: Enter Amount to Pay

Input the amount you wish to contribute to your NHIF account.

Step 6: Enter MPESA PIN

For security purposes, enter your MPESA PIN to authorize the transaction.

Step 7: Transaction Completion

Upon successful completion of the transaction, your member account will be updated accordingly.

Paying NHIF Contributions Through Selfcare

Step 1: Log in to the NHIF Website

Visit the NHIF website at and navigate to the Self-Care section.

Step 2: Sign in to NHIF Selfcare

You can sign in to NHIF Selfcare using either your E-Citizen account or your NHIF account credentials.

Step 3: Select Pay Contributions

Once signed in, choose the ‘Pay Contributions’ option from the Selfcare platform.

Step 4: Choose Payment Recipient

You have the option to pay for yourself or on behalf of others. Select the appropriate option and proceed.

Step 5: Fill in Payment Details

Regardless of the chosen recipient, ensure that you fill in the correct details and the amount to be paid.

Step 6: Enter MPESA PIN

A prompt message from MPESA will be displayed on your phone, prompting you to enter your MPESA PIN to confirm the transaction.

Step 7: Transaction Confirmation

After entering your MPESA PIN, you will receive a confirmation message indicating the successful completion of the transaction.

Step 8: Sign Out

Once the payment is complete, sign out from the NHIF Selfcare platform to secure your account.