How to Protect Cryptocurrency Wallets

How to Protect Cryptocurrency Wallets

The cryptocurrency world is witnessing new users every single day. Now more than ever, people have a more favourable attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

This is very well understood by the massive market capitalization of cryptocurrencies which is more than two trillion dollars.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the number of unscrupulous individuals entering the cryptocurrency world is also increasing. Hackers are exploiting inexperienced cryptocurrency users to steal their information and money.

Many individuals have been affected by cybercriminals, and a report has even found that in 2019 a total of more than 4 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen all around the world.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of this money is stolen from cryptocurrencies, which is vulnerable to storing your private keys if you are not following the different security measures that any veteran cryptocurrency owner knows about.

For this reason, this article brings to you some of the best ways to protect your cryptocurrency wallet against cybercriminals.

Tops ways you can protect your cryptocurrency wallet against unscrupulous individuals

  • Using a cold wallet

Most new cryptocurrency users go for hot wallets connected to the internet and all points of time. Millions of dollars have been stolen from such hot wallets in recent years and have caused many to go bankrupt.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, it is better to store your private key in a hardware wallet. As it is not connected to the internet, it is safe from cyber hacks at a point in time. Of course, you have to keep the cold wallet safely so that you do not lose it.

  • It would help if you always used a secure internet connection while dealing with cryptocurrency.

Accessing cryptocurrencies or going on a trading platform is best done through a secure network connection. This means avoiding public Wi-Fi networks would be the best way to ensure that you are not putting your accounts in the vantage point for cyber hacks.

Your home network system with a proper firewall and a VPN is the best way to connect to the internet to deal with cryptocurrencies.

  • Change the password of your Crypto wallets and accounts regularly

Keep changing your cryptocurrency passwords regularly. Also, make sure that no passwords are the same if you are using multiple cryptocurrency wallets.

Suppose you have the chance to create a multi-factor authentication process to ensure that even if someone passes through the password, additional security measures are there to keep you safe.

The password you are selecting should also be a strong and complex one that will be very difficult to guess.

Most importantly, never share your password with anybody, and do not keep track of your password on any of your devices connected to the internet.

  • Multiple crypto wallets should be used.

Having multiple wallets will always be the best way to ensure that even if one of your wallets becomes the victim of a cyber hack, the others are safe.

If you ever lose all your currencies at once due to a cyberattack at one go it will be devastating. Keeping one hot wallet for your daily transaction and one cold one where you keep most of your cryptocurrency is a good tip to follow; many successful cryptocurrency traders use that.

Take the time to implement the measures given above to keep your cryptocurrency wallet safe. You do not want unauthorized transactions stealing your cryptocurrencies, not losing your private keys to unscrupulous individuals who will be able to access your identity.

Be proactive in keeping yourself safe from any cyber hacks before entering any Bitcoin trading platform like


Remember that even though cryptocurrencies are being 5th hailed as one of the safest forms of currency still new methods of exploiting its safety are cropping up.

Therefore, always keep your security systems updated and apply a combination of security measures to ensure the best way to keep your cryptocurrencies safe.