Blockchain Revolution in Healthcare: Important Points to Remember

Blockchain Revolution in Healthcare - Important Points to Remember

With the technological advancements in the world brought by the blockchain revolution going all around us, the healthcare industry is also evolving.

All around the world, the health industry faces many challenges that can be minimized with the implementation of blockchain technology. The costs incurred by the health industry of any country can be efficiently managed to provide better treatment plans to everyone.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, primary health care facilities are still not available to the people in the lowest rungs of society.

This is extremely unfortunate, and to make the healthcare industry better and more accessible to all, the blockchain revolution is being hailed as the most efficient plan. If you want to know more about how blockchain technology improves the healthcare industry, read on.

Top ways that blockchain technology is revolutionizing how the healthcare industry functions:

  • Make sharing and management of healthcare data easier

We are all guilty of losing at least one of our prescriptions or some other medical health document. Every single one of our medical health-related documents is important in creating our medical history.

When the doctor asks about our medical history, we often skip through specific facts intentionally or unintentionally. Some records that are important in analyzing our health can get overlooked in this way.

Finding a patient’s detailed health care record can be extremely helpful in diagnosis. When you switch from one doctor to another, passing on these records can also be difficult due to the massive paperwork trail.

All of this can be managed if blockchain technology is used. Every individual will have a specific ID and password where every single piece of information can be updated and kept in an organized timeline.

Doctors and nurses will be able to access these records without any hassle. It will save a lot of time and the transaction cost of transferring patients’ records from one department to another even within the same health care facility.

  • Keeps healthcare records safe

In blockchain technology, any changes made to information will be recorded. This means that no patient or other unscrupulous individuals will be able to tamper with records stored in the blockchain.

Falsifying of medication or deletion of information can be easily prevented with this technology.

  • It helps pharmaceutical companies to keep track of supply chains.

Pharmaceutical companies are always trying to improve upon the medications circulated in the world. This means that healthcare organizations have to constantly update the supply chain to access the latest and best medicines in any field.

With blockchain technology, drug development reports can be accessed directly from pharmaceutical companies without fearing fraudulent companies selling sub-par medication.

Thus, tempering medication, a massive problem in the healthcare industry, can be easily solved. Every single supply chain connected with any healthcare institution can track the drugs without any hassle.

  • Removes the need for paperwork

The healthcare industry is heavily dependent upon paperwork. Physical records are tough to manage and are not at all eco-friendly.

The digitally stored information is more accessible for any healthcare organization to access and even removes any error.

  • Technology will make monetary transactions in the healthcare industry easier.

Every single monetary transaction made from blockchain technology is available in a public ledger. This means that it is one of the safest methods to keep track of money flow from one organization to another and even from patients to healthcare facilities.

It even makes it easier for patients to get insurance coverage by removing any chance of human error.

The different ways that blockchain technology improves the healthcare industry given above are just the tip of the iceberg. This technology is still in its infancy, and who knows what more it can do for the world in the coming years.


As many healthcare organizations accept blockchain technology wholeheartedly, we will see its great potential to make work efficient and more cost-effective soon.

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Blockchain technology can change the lives of every individual on this planet if appropriately used, and you too can change your future by implementing it in your lifestyle.