How to renew your driving license online

How to renew driving license online in Kenya

Driving license (DL) has been taken over by the new wave of digital migration, moving away from the old paper license document to a tamper-proof plastic card complete with a microprocessor.

The new DL contains the information pertaining to the driver in a bid to revolutionize road safety in the country and eliminating fraud.

You can easily renew your driving license online in Kenya by visiting the NTSA TIMS Portal and create your account.

How to renew your driving license online

  1. Visit NTSA TIMS Portal and create your account
  2. Click on the Individuals option.
  3. Input your national ID Serial No.
  4. Add your KRA PIN Number.
  5. Enter your Mother’s Maiden Name.
  6. Add your Occupation and Phone Number.
  7. Request a verification code by clicking on the button next to the phone number.
  8. Input the code you receive on your phone in the verification tab to complete the verification process.
  9. You are now registered on the TIMS platform.
  10. Head back to the home page and Sign In.
  11. Once you have changed your password, click on the “driving license” menu and select “Apply for smart DL”.
  12. You will be charged KES 3,050 and once you have completed the payment.

You will then book an appointment with the NTSA where your details will be confirmed, as well as your biometrics captured.

After successful registration, your digital driving license will be ready for collection in 5 working days.

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