How To Replace Lost Safaricom Line

How To Replace Lost Safaricom Line

You can easily replace your lost safaricom line on your own or with the help of Safaricom customer care. The process is fairly simple.

Requirements for replacing your Safaricom line

  • A new SIM Card – This one goes for Ksh 50 (at the time of writing this)
  • Your old Safaricom number
  • Your old original PIN
  • A previous active MPESA account
  • Your ID number number

How To Replace Lost Safaricom Line

  • Buy a new replacement SIM card from the nearest Safaricom dealer.
  • Insert the new SIM card into your phone
  • Dial *180*1* followed by your phone number, followed by the PIN you used on your old SIM card, followed by your IMSI, then #. Remember to put a star after each of the entries That is *180*1*Phone Number*Original PIN*IMSI#. The IMSI is the serial number found at the bottom of your new SIM card beneath the bar code. This is usually a 20-digit serial number. For example, if your phone number is 0722 002100 and your original PIN is 1234, with the serial number being xxxxxx…You should dial *180*1* 0722 002100*1234* xxxxxx # and then press the call function.
  • Note that swapping a Safaricom line on your own takes some time and you may need to be patient.

How to activate MPESA on your new Safaricom line

  • Open Safaricom Toolkit on your phone
  • Select ‘Activate’ or ‘Wezesha‘ depending on the language you are using.
  • Enter the start key. This is the M-PESA PIN you were using on your old line.
  • Key in the new PIN and then confirm it.
  • Enter the ID number of date of birth. In the case of the DOB, use the format DDMMYYYY.

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