How to restrict random Whatsapp group addition

Many times, Whatsapp users find themselves added to a random group without prior consultation. Whatsapp now offers a solution in its setting on how to limit these additions.

Whatsapp users that restrict who can add them to groups can still be added by private invitation. One can share a private link, which gives basic information about the formed.

The recipient can therefore join the group they’ve been invited to if they want to. Otherwise, the link expires in 72 hours.

Below is how to restrict Whatsapp group access from your phone

  • Open your Whatsapp application on your phone
  • Head to Account options
  • Go settings menu.
  • Select Privacy,
  • Go to Groups,
  • Select among your contacts who can add you to a group.
  • This gives you three options, Nobody, My Contacts, or Everyone.
  • Choose on your preferred selection.

How to delete a WhatsApp group

You can only do this if you’re the admin of a WhatsApp group it will not work if you are just a member.

  • Go to the group on your WhatsApp.
  • Click on the subject of the group.
  • Tap the participant you wish to remove.
  • Click on remove member in the menu
  • Tap on the group
  • Choose Delete Group