How To Retrieve Your Lost NHIF Number

How To Retrieve Your Lost NHIF Number

Losing your NHIF number can be inconvenient. However, there are several ways to retrieve your NHIF number quickly and efficiently.

Here are the most effective methods:

1. Send a message:

You can retrieve your NHIF number by sending a message in the following format: ID*your ID number (e.g., ID 12345678). Send this message to the shortcode 21101.

You will receive a reply containing your NHIF membership number, the last payment month, and the name of your employer.

2. Call the NHIF toll-free number:

Contact the NHIF toll-free line at 0800 720 601. Request assistance in retrieving your NHIF membership number. The NHIF staff will be happy to help. Additionally, you can inquire about the nearest NHIF office to obtain a replacement card if yours is misplaced.

3. Reach out on social media:

If the previous methods do not yield results, consider reaching out to NHIF via social media platforms. The fastest way to contact them is through their Twitter handle, @NHIFKenya.

This method has proven to be quite effective in obtaining assistance.

4. Email communication:

If you prefer a more formal approach, you can try contacting NHIF via email. Keep in mind that due to the high volume of emails they receive, there may be some delay or a chance that your email may not be received. However, if you still wish to contact them via email, send your inquiry to

By following these comprehensive steps, you should be able to retrieve your lost NHIF number promptly.