How to unlock/Flash Tecno N2s without PC

How to unlock-Flash Tecno N2s without PC

It is usually excruciating when you forget your phone password. Am going to take you through on how to unlock Tecno N2S without a PC.


  • First, switch off your phone, and then switch it on again. Choose the language and click the arrow in the yellow circle to go to the next window.
  • The next window is for simcard check. In case you don’t have a simcard, click ‘SKIP’ in the bottom right corner.
  • The next window is for wifi connection. Connect your Tecno N2S to a wifi hotspot. Then click ‘NEXT.’ The phone will automatically start connecting to a wifi hotspot and start searching for a Google account.
  • In the ‘Enter initial Google account, now, go back to where you connected your wifi and see Add Network.
  • Key in any alphabets and long press on the keyed-in characters.
    A pop up will show with cut, copy and share options. Touch on “share”. You will be taken to apps by which you can share. On the displayed apps, long press the “Gmail” app.
  • This will lead you to Gmail settings. Scroll to “notification” then after app notification opens, go down to “App settings.” In the app settings, you will see “general settings” and “add account”.
    On the top right side, you will see 3 dots.
  • Touch on them and select Manage Accounts. A pop up will come up telling you ‘you are about to go to settings app…’ don’t cancel. Click ‘continue.’ This will take you directly to the phone’s settings. Exactly where you want to be.
  • Now, go to ‘apps’ scroll down the apps list and find ‘google app’ and select it. App info will open then go to ‘notification’ then ‘app settings’ on the next page, select ‘now cards.’ On the show cards settings, enable show cards.
  • This will lead you to a google navigation window. At the bottom, where you are asked to sign in, click ‘no thank you.’ Now, we are just another important step in fixing this problem.
    Now, Google browser will open where you can search and browse the internet.
  • Now, search for the word ‘Chrome.’ Collapse the key board and you will see a google chrome app at the bottom. Click on it and click on accept the terms and conditions and select continue.
  • Now, in the search bar, search for ‘nck..’ Suggestions will appear down then select This website will open. Look for google account manager for android 6 since tecno N2S is android 6. Also find frp bypass apk for android 6.
  • Download it.
  • Now go back again to the search bar where you searched for ‘Chrome.’ Now search for ‘file manager.’ Again collapse the keyboard. You will see a file manager app in yellow colour. Click on it and you will access the file manager.
  • Select phone storage and go to the folder called ‘downloads.’ In this folder, you will see the two apps you have downloaded. Now you have to install these apps in order. Start with ‘google account manager’ followed by frp apk. Now if you are prompted to enable installation of non-store apps, just click to settings and enable unknown sources.
  • Now go back and install those two apps in order. The last one should be frp bypass apk.
    After installation, open the app you should see that you are prompted to enter only the password and no three dots on the top right corner (which we need in order to add another account.) This means we have to download another app known as menu button apk.
  • Now go back to your chrome browser and search for ‘menu button apk.’ You will find related searches that will lead you to find this app.
  • Download it and then go back to your search bar and search ‘file manager’ and collapse the keyboard just like in the previous case. Now in the file manager in the downloads folder, find the app menu button apk and install it. Finally open the app and now at the bottom, click on ‘Display’ button. A window will pop u and again at the bottom, click ‘Display the setting screen.’ This will take you to ‘Language and input’ settings.
    Now look carefully you will see Menu Button IME on the list. Click inside the box and then click OK on the Attention pop.
  • You will now see a blue tick. Go back and on the ‘Initial setting’ still displayed, click on number 2 which is ‘Enabling Accessibility’ displayed with a red caution sign. On the next pop up, select Agree. This will again take you to the phones ‘Accessibility’ settings. Now you will see on the list that Menu Button in OFF.
  • Tap on it and enable menu button on the top right. Then OK. Go back now till you get to the menu button and select now ‘Display’ button at the bottom. A floating menu will show on the right side with three menu dots.
  • Now, go back to the downloads folder in the phone storage and again reinstall frp bypass apk. Open it and now with the menu button pop up still floating, click on the 3 dots and now at the bottom you will see ‘sign in browser.’ Now click on it.
  • Input your Gmail account, enter the password and follow the sign in steps. Now, reboot your Tecno N2 S.
  • After reboot, just follow the steps, connect to wifi hotspot and then sign in with the new account you have set.
  • That’s how you ByPass Google FRP On Tecno N2S. Your Tecno N2 S is now ready to use.