How To Withdraw Money From Equity Bank Account To MPesa

How to Withdraw money from Equity bank Account to MPesa

It is pretty straightforward to withdraw money from your Equity Bank account to Mpesa using your Equitel line. 

Below is a simple procedure on how to withdraw money into MPESA;

  1. Go to sim toolkit and pick Equitel toolkit
  2. Select ‘My Money’
  3. Choose ‘Send/Pay’
  4. Select the account number you would like to withdraw from
  5. Pick ‘To Others’
  6. Select ‘Mpesa’
  7. Type the Safaricom Mpesa phone number you would like to send the money to
  8. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  9. It will ask you to confirm the amount and the number you’re sending the money to
  10. Type in your PIN and there you done
  11. You’ll receive a confirmation message from Equity bank and the person you’re sending the money to will get a confirmation message from Mpesa.