Hymn Books Go Digital With The Launch Of Digital App

Hymn Books Go Digital With The Launch Of Digital App
Do you remember Golden Bells? I suppose you do, in most schools it was one of the admission requirements just like the dictionary, Kamusi and the mathematical table.
We would use it during parade on Mondays and Fridays to sing hymns such as
Praise the Lord, praise the LordLet the earth hear His voicePraise the Lord, praise the LordLet the people rejoice
Come to the FatherThrough Jesus the SonGive Him the gloryGreat things He has doneOh yes
I still remember to date…….
We are now in a digital world, the hymn book have been revolutionazed to be u to date with current trends
Christian believers will now have access to hymn books on their smartphones following the launch of a digital version of hymn songs on Hallelujah Languages application.

The Hallelujah Languages mobile app enables one to access hymn songs from 12 denominations in English and Swahili and five other vernacular languages.

Luhya, Kikuyu, Kisii, Kamba and Luo are the vernacular languages incorporated into the application.

The application also has 12 denominations which are Full Gospel Church, African Inland Churches (AIC), Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Coptic Orthodox, Friends Church Quakers, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal Churches of East Africa (PCEA), Salvation Army and Seventh Day Adventists (SDA).

The idea behind the app is to allow Kenyans “praise and worship” at their convenience having the hymns on their smartphones, according to Chief Executive officer of Hallelujah Languages Ltd Kenneth Kaniu.

“The app digitizes Christian hymns from up to 12 main denominations and allows people to access the songs from wherever at their convenience at any time of the day,” said Kaniu speaking during the launch of the book at All Saints Cathedral Church in Nairobi.

Kaniu added that they plan on adding more denominations and languages to the application to reach out to a wider audience “because basically it’s about evangelization and trying to ensure that every Kenyan be it male, female, old or young, rural or urban are able to access these hymns.”

The digital access to all denominations will come at a cost, believers will pay Ksh5 per day, Ksh30 for a month, Ksh90 for three months, Ksh150 for six months and Ksh270 for an annual subscription.

“We feel the cost is affordable for everyone and the idea is to ensure that people are able to get the songs at their convenience in the most cost-effective manner,” added Kaniu.

The idea has also come at the right time for  churches that have not incorporated the use of digital equipment in terms of acquiring screens to project the songs and preaching’s during church services.